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Sunday, September 02, 2007



What happened to you? You used to be a cool guy. But then you turned out to be the biggest AFC of all!

Yes, the Second Life shit can bring you some money. But what you and me and Falcon used to talk about was about meeting real women, and getting the best out of enjoying single attractive women. And then you got into that Secondlife bullshit, and you turned into a WUSSY AFC mutherfucker! What's with that man?

Such a shame. You could have been better than that. But as that girl from the Asian Noodle House (Nana?) said "that James was always a bit of a weird fantasy boy". That's what women think of you man! Get your shit together! Get your ass away from the computer, and start meeting real women!

We had good times man, and I learned a lot from the PUA stuff we talked about. It's just a shame you turned out to be the AFC that you wanted to avoid. Slap yourself in the face,and get your shit together man!

You poor AFC bastard. Remember, money can't buy you love.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

good ol' fashioned sarging

Hey Mimesis, last time we met I noticed you were sarging various retail girls. What struck me was how easy it can be... e.g. to the last girl we saw you simply said something like "how are you?" and she launches into a big spiel about her night. It really took no effort at all... and was surprising since it was the end of her shift (I would assume she wouldnt be in the mood for small talk).

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Timing is very important.

Lets think about this for a moment here:

Lets say you are walking down the street and it is a pretty average day. Nothing special, perhaps you are on your way to get some food or something. Then as you are approaching a HB walking towards you from the opposite direction, she gave you the warmest smile, a bit flirtatious and a bit cheeky....

Now, here is the question: How many seconds does it take before it registers in your mind that she just flirted with you? How much time it takes before you even realise you should really smile back?

Ah ha! people dont just react to you immediately, thats the same for them, you sarge, it WILL take sometime to warm up, just keep going at it and u will get there. And that was the first example of the importance of timing. If you can anticipate, take the lead and actually guide her through the seduction process, you will be in control of her reactions easily.

Second: Moments of sexual impulses.

Do you stay horny all the time? like constantly? There must be times, perhaps just a second when you see a girl and you feel like you want to have sex with her, instinctively, no thoughts, no consciousness. You know it, it is physical, it comes from your gut, the animal instinct. They come in pulses. THey come and go, often, fleeting. ANd more importantly, when it gets registered in your mind, you'd talk yourself out of any action at all.

If you can do that, WHY THE HELL NOT GIRLS!?

There will be moments when you are interacting with ANYGIRL that these attraction waves comes in. You have to ride them. Its not what you say, its not what you do. Its about catching on with the energy. You recognise that vibe and if you catch it right, you can pull off amazing stunts! This is an understanding and recognition on sexual tension and attraction! I have been able to detect it and in SL I can pull off asking an almost stranger for sex and will get it. In RL, I didnt dare to try it but I have been able to touch girls when I feel the tension. Keno, thats what its about. Escalating - you amplify their tension by presenting gestures thats saying "its ok to feel that way". You encourage them to feeel that tension more. Until its overwheming. Everything is done on the basis of friendship, total acceptance.

It is important to feel the sexual tension and reciprocate. That is like the most powerful turn on - that you are turning someone else on. But remember, these moments are fleeting and unless you do it with the timing, you dont over do it (timing /doses again) you are going to ruin it.

Holding back too long is a #1 killer, and you know it! you know you missed opportunities. You are so used to making excuses for yourself that you've forgotten you are chronically, clinically avoiding opportunities.

Monday, October 16, 2006

RL Field report

Last wednesday I got dragged out from my computer into the real world to the Phoenix pub in the city. It took me awhile to get adjusted to RL again but after 2 beers and a road side pepperoni pizza I was there.

The short story: sarged 2 strangers, and a friend of a friend of mine I met ages ago. End result - I got the two strange girls initiated conversations to me (my preapproach and approach invitation work) and walked out of the bar with one.

The experiment was this - Do you remember how sometimes you see this pimp dude or popluar jock type who just walk up to a so girls, hugging them and feeling them and the girls are loving it? And you dont know why or how they get away with it? That was the experiment. The idea was that girls love attention like that, especially the ones that are just out there showing off thier assets. There mind game, drama, incredible experiences. When guys play games to get that thrill, how do girls get their thrills? Definitely not from games. Why do they go out and buy the sexist clothes? Why do they like meeting new people? Being a social butterfly? Coz they get a mightly kick out of it.

Think about it. Do they want to go out to a pub to talk about philosophy? Do they want to go out to make you happy? Are they looking for the best friends they could have in the world? Probably not. Have you ever heard girls talk? "Lets go out and dance, have fun!" "OMG, I met kissed this guy at the bar last night!". I can see it more clearly now. You have to tap into that mindset - if thats what you want. The secret slut thing is in a lot of girls.

Now, this was what I did. I was eyeing every cute girl in the place and I look at them with flirtatious admiration, basically saying "hey sexy, I am gonna perve on you for awhile, yeah baby". 2 seconds or more eye contact. Then I made a lot of noise, I talked to the pawns around them, laugh out loud with my friends. Talk about sex loudly.

I teasted them to make them talk to us. 1st one - She took a tarot deck out. So I turned to the guy next to me and said "hey, u think tarot is bullshit?" I said it quietly deliberately, he said "what" so I had to say it louder. Girl heard it and said to me "you think its bullshit? did you say tarot is bullshit?". The guy next to me jumped at the opportunity to voice his opinion and I started talk to her about reading the cards (Tarot card skills baby!) She was so into it and was reading it for herself and her friends. I was accomodating and got my friends to be involved. It was cool.

But then her hot friend arrived. She was obvioulsy craving for attention. Turned out that the guy next to me knew her. Told me all about her and her jealous boyfriend and how he has the hots for her. She took off her top exposing her cleavage and tats. She wasn't holding back at all. So I made eye contact and after awhile guys are feeling her up and and hitting on her here and there. I feel sorry for her jealous boyfriend. But I was cool about it so I was talking to her and we both laughed at his girlfriend together. She was loving the teasing, the guy liked me too. Later, some fat dude went up to her and started feeling her and her fat friend proceeded to cockblock the guy. Then I told the guy next to me to feel her back where the tat was. He did and she jumped. She turned around to give him an evil look and I said "sorry, it was my fault, I was encouraging him". SHe said ok and started talking to me again. Later I was having curry and she asked if she can join me, we had it with our hands together and we chatted some more

Then a chick I know turned up and she started talking to me. I was on a roll there and I grabbed her into my arms immediately, she rested her head on my shoulder and said "awww" I squeezed her harder and said mmmm, this is nice... Then I was feeling her exposed back from her low jeans, it was nice. SHe had to go back to her friends once in awhile but she kept coming back. bla bla bla, to cut the long story short, I was just fully being physical to her and flirting sexually with my eyes and voice, never words. She likes cuddling with me and that was cool. At the end, she was telling me "hey look, I am going to go home" I replied "ok, BYE!" she went but she came back to talk again... LOL LOL.

So I asked where she lives, hows shes going home and she complied with details. I took her to the cab, went home with her, gave her a kiss and went back to Second Life.... HA HA A HA H HA

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fundamental concept in getting lots of puntang...

... Is the ability to really really want to have sex with yourself!

If you really want to fuck yourself, you'd know exactly why people would like to fuck you. You'd know more about what you want in sex, what you can provide in great sex.

You will be full of sexual energy and confidence. You will be certain about making your woman cum. You will be able to look into a woman's eyes and say: "yeah, I know I want to fuck myself too".

If you know how your body can be a turn on, how your mind can be a turn on - you can convey them to your targets. You can tell them that, and the fact that your are turning yourself on will subconsciously influence other to get turned on by you, simply by mirroring - they will pick up the vibe.

You need to be able to see what others can get from YOU. What other people can WANT to get from you. How others can have an insatiable desire for you.

Believe me: Simply knowing what you get from screwing a girl just wouldn't cut it.

Women and Sex

I have been experimenting with the ideas of sex for the last month or so. A major venue was through Second Life (SL) and in addition to that, experiment through interactions in Real life (RL). The discussion of whether SL experience represents RL experience is very involved and far beyond the scope of this post and will therefore, be presented in the future.

However, there has been a resonance in a certain theme in my recent encounters. That is, the role of sex in a woman's mind and how it influences their behaviour. Here are my findings -

1/. When a woman say she really misses someone: She means she wants to have sex with that person.
2/. When a woman say she really want to see someone: She means she wants to have sex with that person.
3/. When a woman hangs round you a little longer than necessary: She wants to shag you.
4/. One of the strongest desire for a woman is to have sex with amazing men.
5/. Incredible sex can make a woman fall madly in love with you.
6/. Attraction/interest level, or whatever you want to call it is the number 1 (if not the only) factor that matters when it comes to women.
7/. It is simply untrue that sex is not important, or secondary, when it comes to women.

I have paid attention to many conversations I've had recently, my intensive SL sarging and occational RL sarging experience all points to one direction - Women Want Incredible sex. They just have all sorts of funny made up names for it.

This should be something PUA's should work on. Sex! What is good sex, You need to know the answer. You need to know what it is and how it is created. Sex drives ppl mad (yes, even for girls). This will be great help because knowing that you can provide great sex gives you a solid ground to stand on - Worse come to worse is when you dont know what to do with the girl you desire --- FUCK HER!

Perhaps sometimes you wonder "oh what am I going to do with this girl anyway?" "I just dont know what to do, I am boring" "I dont have time" "I dont know where we are heading..." We often forget our most powerful gift that we can provide, almost endlessly - our horniness. Define the relationship as a pleasure, both physical and mental, romantic and spiritual. WHat more do you want? You get that right and everythin else fall into place. Knowing that you are going to fuck her mad is simple, and effective. You are not worried about uncertainties when you first meet a girl. thats what you want, tahts where you are going, where you are headnig, thats what you are providing. You will make her cum over and over again.

This is some powerful shit...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hero or AFC?

seen in an smh Blog

At first I thought wow, you legend! But then he could have saved a lot of money and time by learning some PUA techniques. He realised in the end that money can buy you sex but not love... gee i don't think you need to Einstein to figure that out :)

Also I wonder if his experience is really true... ? I mean if you were that rich why visit the poor & dangerous countries??

I have been an occasional lurker on this blog for a while now. I cannot resist joining the fray today because of the topic.

I am not sure how all of you will respond to my post. I think I can offer a unique perspective on today's topic.

I was lucky to have a happy childhood with a few close friends and a loving family. I was not popular, and had few girlfriends as a teenager. I went to Uni, then worked for ten years as an Economist at a well known bank. Although I had a well-paying job, I still found it difficult to approach attractive women. I would get too nervous and make all kinds of embarrassing blunders.

It was painful to see co-workers of mine with gorgeous girlfriends, and to hear all of their stories about the things they got up to. I felt like my teenage years were being replayed, and that no matter what I did, nothing would ever change.

On my thirty-first birthday I sold everything I owned and went backpacking around the world. My friends and family, while surprised, assumed it was a belated rite of passage taken by many 20 year olds.

I visited (in order) Bali, Manila, Angeles City, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Pattaya,

then over to Europe... Bucharest, Budapest, Kiev, Odessa, Prague

and finally South America... Caracas, Cartagena, Lima, Santiago, Rio, Sao Paulo, Recife.

Some of you may already be able to guess the kind of holiday I had planned. These cities are well known as places foreigners visit for cheap sex.

Over three years (one year in each of the regions) I spent just over $300,000 on accommodation, food, travel expenses, and lots of sex.

I experienced just about every calamity that can befall a tourist in a foreign country. Food poisoning in Manilla, extorted in Budapest, beaten up in Kiev, mugged in Rio TWICE, and had my wallet stolen three times.

I also had the pleasure of bedding just over 500 of the most exquisite females to ever roam the earth. Some of them wanted my money and no more, others became my girlfriends for extended period s where no money was exchanged. I indulged in the most passionate, erotic love that any man could ever dream of. I learnt more about women, men, and most importantly, myself, over those three years than I had learnt in my entire life. I sampled just about every physical pleasure known to man - food, drinks, drugs, women. All of these in varied combinations.

I admittedly lied to many women, mostly about my intention to bring them back to Australia with me at the end of my trip. I still feel guilty about this, though at the time, my promises were genuine.

I also met quite a few men enjoying the same kind of holiday as I was. I became well schooled in "monger" ways (code word for sex tourists) about how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls of such journeys. I still keep in contact with many of them, some still remain "out in the field".

My post is not meant to be about re-living my adventures. Only a handful of people (none of my close friends of family) will ever know what my "backpacking trip" was really about. My post is meant to add to the discussion about relationships and money.

I spent three years surrounded by women who wanted money. It was transparent and their was no deception involved. I in turn, wanted sex with beautiful women. The honesty of these interactions to me, seems much more beautiful than the lying and deception that you see in places like Sydney (or any other big city).

I returned from my trip just over a year ago. I no longer fear women. The sight of a dolled up princess walking down Pitt Street, craving attention with a too-short mini makes me smirk. I have a wonderful girlfriend who I began dating three weeks after returning. I had one thousand dollars to my name and she didn't care one bit.

We run a successful business consulting firm and I plan to marry her soon. I will never tell her about my past, and I am not interested in hers. After travelling the world and sleeping with more women than a man like me ever should, I found my true love at the local on a trivia night.

I do not regret what I did. It was the greatest choice of my life. I will make the money back in time, but the memories I made, and the new memories I am making with my new love will last forever.

I have not told people close to me about this because I can't be bothered defending my choice to people who would never understand.

My message to all the men, who throw money around trying to buy love. If it is sex you are paying for, then you are getting a nasty deal. If it is love you want, then put your wallet away, and go play some trivia.

  • Posted by: Quietly satisfied at October 10, 2006 12:43 PM

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

interesting observation

saw this in a blog...

I think Joe's right! I've got a few ideas, but what do you guys think?

Why are the more prettier girls always found at the most expensive bars?

The local pub won't have many (if any) glamours, but the $11.00 a beer bars are loaded with gorgeous ladies!

Why is that?

  • Posted by: Joe at October 10, 2006 01:37 PM

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dominance vs submissiveness

One thing that the PUA material is generally missing but perhaps vaguely touched upon is the concepts of dominance and submissiveness.

There are many ways to dissect relationships in the modern (and mostly western world). The oprah type, the Freudian type, the new age spirituality type, the feminista type, the bogan type, the suburbian type... They are all very different, and the PUA point of view is highly appealing as it is based on what WORKS, not theories. It is probably more scientific than any science I have every been associated with. There is however, one model of looking at relationships that is based on theory yet is highly effective. One that I have been experimenting, observing, discussing in SL and perhaps practicing it to a certain degree in RL.

In the PUA stuff, we talked about being alpha, being dominant, leading etc. This is related. What I find is that many women like to be led, being taken control of. And this brings me to the ideas around the BDSM culture. Some girls are doms, some girls are subs, and same apply for men. You'd like to think that sometimes girls like you to treat them right, to show them affection, to be sweet and kind and loving... well, thats not going to go down very well if she is a submissive is it? She is looking for a dominant, someone to dominate her. And if she is a dom, she is going to abuse you a bit, treating you like a shitty slave anyway! They are looking for someone to boss over, to dominate over, being a control freak. You are expected to act like a pet, or a slave. Without narcissistic tendencies, its not going to go down too well for you.

Taking this idea into consideration, you might find that it explains a lot of things when you reflect upon your past experiences. The BDSM community in both the SL and the RL has some of the sanest people! Despite their image otherwise - we fear what we don't understand, thats understandable. With this understanding, you can see why drama queens behave the way they do, why, perhaps, you keep coming back to someone who treat you like shit. Also to consider is that dominance and submissiveness is not black and white, more like a gradient and its all relative. So there is always a period of power struggle.

it is a quick a dirty way of determing how you should treat a girl. Some girl like to be lead, not all. This is where the PUA stuff is lacking. Some girls like to lead and abuse you, some girls want you to be sweet with them. Keep in mind that there is the SSC of BDSM - Safe, Sane and Consential. So, there is a safety, trust aspeect of it. Which has a lot to do with the whole BDSM culture. Intimacy and trust. Don't be a fool and intrude into someone else's lives by performing dominance or submissiveness. You need to build rapport, trust. Being aware of these things is very useful.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The moment vs The Goal

These are probably the ends of two extremes. Some people live for the moment, some are goal oriented. Can we have the best of both worlds? -- Yes.

What if your goal is to live your life to the fullest every moment? What if every moment is to contribute to some higher level goal? When I sarge people, do I have to actually achieve something at the end? or ultimately? What makes a sarge successful? Is it the #*! closes? Are you successful when you are happy spending time with people you like and not worry about anything.

Thats right, not worrying about anything. What are the causes of our frustration? Perhaps we worry too much, we worry that we will be alone, we worry that we are unattractive, we worry that we have no value in life, we worry that we are unwanted. Perhaps we worry about not getting another friend like that, perhaps we worry that there will be time when we are lonely and it will be shit, perhaps we worry about the next chick you hook up with will be ugly (or fat). Perhaps you worry that you will die alone.

As humans, we all fear those things. As PUA's we protect ourselves from those fears. That is because they are the source of problems. We mistakenly derive our "goals" from those fears, thinking that we will be happy if we get them solved. We are looking for something, something to fill that void inside our hearts. This is the reality. It is not about being goal oriented, to want something in life or not. It is insecurity, disguised as rational bullshit. "Living the moment" is just as bad, if you do it wrong - you are searching for that temporary solution, instant gratification, a distraction from your anxieties. You need that hit.

Can we really predict the future? No. Are our actions today going to affect the future? Probably yes, no matter how minute. So what should we focus on? THe moment or the goal? BOTH I say. You have to be really clear on what your goal is and you have to be spot on with how you make decisions in the moment.