The Journey of a couple of budding Pick Up Artists

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Follow up on previous post

I think this is so true, there are givers and takers. I learnt this when I was sarging Carly. One of my earlier subjects. At that time I was learning DYD and she was a giver. GOSH! Did I fucked up! I mean, it worked to a certain degree but it crashed a burnt at the same time. IT IS TRUE that she complained a lot, and did not talked about how others suplicated to her at all. Iron horse IS INSIGHTFUL!

Now, at that time, I ditched DYD totally thinking it was a piece of shit and started just being my normal AFC self. Not exactly because I didn't care about her anymore; so I was just being nicely relaxed and accepted every compliment, approval seeking from her (no negs, I consider C&F a neg/push). Man did she turned around!

Also, looking from past experiences, some girls thrive to give, and if you are also a giver, it creates confusion and its no good. So, I think the whole Push vs Pull idea is tightly linked to the Giver vs Taker idea. This understanding should give you a very solid and adaptable foundation to choose your approach with women.


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