The Journey of a couple of budding Pick Up Artists

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Follow up on previous post

I have been thinking about this for ages. How can you construct everything you say to be the most effective, all the time?

One of the problems is "close ended questions". I hate it, one word answers. I want it so that there would be NO CHANCE a girl can pull that off when I am there! In fact, I want to rid myself of close ended questions at will.

Then, the next problem will be acting too pushy. In the fluff, you'd occationally encounter someone feeling like you are interrogating them. To remove this too:

So, a routine is required, I need to be on autopilot. I need to learn now to use Assumptive Questioning/statements. I think you should only used questioning as an IOI (showing you are interested) and that you have no other option. Or that it make sense.

Perhaps direct statements are too factual and make to much assumptions (as the name suggests). But you are only trying to disguise it by using a question. How about really thinking it as a question and be playful/funny about it with a statement? A bit of a tease? A question is a sign of being submissive, be confident, be opinionated, you respect other's opinions, so should others, there is nothing wrong with being opinionated!

So, my resolution is to make my standard, normal conversation with Assumptive statements. Feel Felt Found, my friend said. Be a good listener and reflect what they say correctly. No questions, unless IOI or yes laddar.


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