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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Article from TheAsianPlayboy.com

I don't deny it used to be a limiting belief of mine, but with every new HB I kiss clos or sleep with the limiting belief diminishes. If I somehow get a bad result, it's easier to blame it on my race/looks esp since it's one of the easiest things to blame it on (such as getting bad grades, it's easierto blame it on me not being smart enough, or being unlucky in the exam, or the teacher being biased vs. me simply not doing enough work). Now I'd rather just say it's because my game is not tight enough if I am not getting results I want.

Sure, racism exists, and there WILL be some girls who have no interest in certain races, just as some white guys not interested in black girls, or asian guys not interested in latino women, or even white girls notinterested in white guys. This is INEVITABLE, and is HUMAN NATURE. But time and time over, the top dawgs are still managing to plow through this social limitation based on their skillset to pull and defy this, showing how powerful a strong skillset can come in hand.

It's easier to work at something that you can do something about. There's nothing you can do about your race except embrace it and make the most of it. I know how you feel if you think that it's a limitation because it was my biggest limiting belief when I first found the community, and now, still occasionally (WAY less) does because it's imprinted in my head since I was a kid, but that makes me even want to get a bigger skillset to make me STAND OUT from the rest.

The main thing about Asians is probably us being stereotyped into asexual, small penis, bad english, touristy, cowardly, intelligent, stingy, nonthreatening, etc. So the way to convey would be to be SEXUAL (something I personally still need to work on as I definitely don't nonverbally show this shit as much as I should), I even joke about a small penis (I had a girl yesterday ask if I got a big dick and I threw the ijjjji line and it worked wonders, but I'm careful to use this DLV because of the stereotype). Confidence, good english, being local, strong will break the stereotype and the fact that you're UNIQUE makes them think you're SPECIAL.

It's like peacocking. Because you're so DIFFERENT and cartoony the chicks will think you MUST be a celeb of some sort. I think when i go to A crowd venues and sound american and open girls confidently that alone makes them think 'he must be someone money, rich.. etc'.

The advantage of being Asian is being able to slip under the radar so there are advantages of being non threatening. Hoobie and I discussed this briefly before. I do find that I open better than my wings, but whether that's my race or skill.. I'd rather attribute it to my skillset :)

Only thing I disagree is that American chicks are harder to PU than European / non Americans if you're Asian. American chicks are more open to Asians IMO because there are ALOT more Asians there than over here especially in Cali. Asians in the states are mostly Asian Americans so they are also westernized. Asians here (or Oreintals since Asians are indians/pakistanis here) most of them anyway, do fall into the stereotype of working in chinese restaurants or are tourists. It's annoying at times but fuck, what can you do about it. In fact, it makes you look like the most money asian guy they've ever met. I had an American chick just recently climb all over me within 2 minutes when I was helping my wing out in a split set and she said that alot of American chicks love Asian guys. They said probably more than European chicks, since theirs the whole Royal Hierarchy of blonde hair blue eyes and the tall, dark handsome italian stereotypes more prevalent here.

What I DO agree about is that if you have TOURISTS from europe visiting it's easier to PU. Just as American tourists here in the UK, probably. I also find the game working better on American chicks because they are more responsive and have more to say back therefore making the whole game feistier in general. It still works here beause the culture is literally very similar, just that people here have a different social vibe.


The image you put forward has to be stronger than any negative stereotypes about you.

A common question I get is, "I'm ____ race, can I get ____ race of women?

Just last weekend, I had a student ask an interesting question. He was a cool guy, decent looks, good style. And yet he asked me.

"Can I get white women even though I'm Asian?"

I was blown away - and I told him of course he could, but he had to have a stronger image than something generic.

My image is not 'white'. If the first thing a woman thought when she saw me was 'This guys is white', then I'd be in trouble. I'd be super-boring.

Think typical 'suburban guy'. I don't have a suburban guy image.

The thing is, Caucasian is the majority in America. If you're Cauasian in America, any image is stronger than the fact you're white.

Wheareas if you're another race, it might be a stronger image.

This works for and against some races that are stereotypicall as being powerful and masculine.

But what if you're not one of those? The sad reality is that some races have stereotypes attached to them in certain places.

Here's what you need:

The image you put forward has to be stronger than any negative stereotypes about you.

I used to work out at a gym that had guys that looked to be Triads in them. Y'know, Chinese mafia. Ripped, dragon-tattooed guys, shaved heads, hot girlfriends and luxury cars and nice clothes and a 'Don't mess with me' look.

When any woman looked at one of those guys, she didn't 'He's Asian.' She thought 'He's powerful' or 'He's a gangster' or 'He's buff.'

As an example, let's compare two Chinese guys I knew. One went to the gym. He was about 5"5, but he was "jacked." Muscles upon muscles.

They called him 'the bull.' No joke. I called him 'el toro' very, very respectfully. This guy had women all over him - black, white, latin, and of course Asian as well.

On the other hand, I knew a Chinese computer-programmer. He had thick glasses and wore frumpled clothing and slouched over.

He had no image, so women would lump him into the category of 'asexual Asian guy' - They'd buy into the stereotype that he's asexual, because -

The image he put forward was not stronger than the negative stereotypes around him. When I told this to my Asian student last weekend, he started to 'get it.' By the end of his program, he was picking up girls of various races normally.


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