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Monday, May 01, 2006

Concept: Boys and Girls are the same

I think that on a fundamental level, guys and gals are the same internally. I believe that there are more nurture than nature. If you can undersand yourself, you'd understand girls better. Think "people behaviours" instead of "female behaviours"! It is how the world dictates us that makes us different. Expectation of a boy vs a girl. Gunwitch made a good point when he said --

  • Say all of a sudden men & women reversed roles and
    men still had the same horniness but for some fucked up reason aren't
    allowed to utter a word or be blatant or direct about how they meet &
    attract women. Say you're a PUA and someone told you that you had to go
    PU chicks (consciously or unconsciously) without initiating the
    conversations, without initiating kino, without the ability to
    *communicate* on those levels unless a chick strikes up a convo with you
    first. Also, you're not allowed to go to bars or clubs to do PU because
    there will be conflicts between AI and peacocking (confused signals -
    very inefficient). What would you do? Shit, you're horny as hell,
    you've got to do something! Well, first you would pick public places to
    go that are bound to have lots of people which are constantly recycling,
    a place where topics for conversation are plentiful, and places where
    interesting and available chicks might go. Then, you would do subtle
    things around them which would attempt to get their attention, just
    enough to get an initial comment or reaction - your open door. Now you
    know what it's like when chicks are on the "hunt" (again, consciously or
    unconsciously). This is how chicks do their PU. It's a lot like how
    AFCs try to do PU. They don't (LOL) although they think they're doing
    all they can (which they aren't).

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