The Journey of a couple of budding Pick Up Artists

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Field Report: Helen day 2

Helen called me up 2 days ago and wanted to watch a movie with me. So I went along but god damn, I totally forgot about a prior arrangement with someone else.

This clearly shows how weak we are as human beings. I lost my mind. I was just reacting to my instincts. I was fully flirting, sending out subtle sexual messages: being a gigolo, chatting up people etc. Also communicated that I am not a nice guy: I am selfish, wont provide "services", I am poor etc.

During the movie, we gained rapport and we communicated with body gestures all through out. AND THAT'S SEXY! I can't believe it. I wanted to grab her. She leaned in, touches me on my arm, looks at me deeply etc. She moved in and arranged another date for next week, which I said yes.

Hmmmm, she sure knows how to seduce me. It works, I thought about fucking her all night. My head feels ecstasy and my pupils dilated... I had desire for her.


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