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Monday, May 08, 2006

Field Report: Sarging session with Falcon

Last Friday, I finally went out into the field. The goal: Approach Invitation. For the first time, I was winging someone.

It was kinda a good setting at first, but it turned a bit sour after awhile. First, we had a friend Matt who joined us which was cool but he quickly pissed off because he had a cold and he didn't feel so good. So that was a bit of a bummer. Then, I knew a few people around which made things easier coz it could be used as a backup or social proof. But one of them turned into a clock block and were spreading rumours of me, telling others I am a dodgy bastard trying to pick up. Third, I opened two sets with two cold women in each, blowing me off pretty ruthlessly. Sigh, my ego was hurt.

BUT NO MATTER! No pain, no gain. And indeed, I gained.

I had in my mind a couple of things I wanted to try. First, my Tom Cruise opener: "Hi, I am Tom Cruise and this is my wing man Brad Pitt" -- It worked like a charm as an opener on its own. I opened a 6 set with this and immediately, every girl exchanged their names as celebrity, there were gigglings and it was a good fun vibe. However, I am in-congruent with my approach: Shit I know nothing about celebrities and I didnt think about what to follow up with! It was purely an opener on its own. Oh well, I learnt that lesson painfully: The Alpha blew me off harsly by looking at me like I am leaning in too close and then, walking off to get drinks, ignoring me. It was a pretty bad blow socially and I felt so socially dis-proved that I didn't give anyone else another try. Lucky, I had friends to my rescue, as well as my winger. :)

The alpha of the same group had an empty seat next to her when I came back from drinks and she hurried a friend to sit next to her when she saw me coming back to my friends (so that I didn't have a chance to sit next to her!) Oh gosh, why can't they be easy on me. Next time I am going to play with that behaviour up, but what I did was -- I told my wing to talk to her friend and they hit it off nicely, except he didn't close, he got a social commitment but couldn't elevate it to the emotional hook so it died off.

Then, I saw a girl standing by herself bored for ages and ages so I suggested my winger to approach her. I used the "Hey, have you met my friend Felcon?" She looked at me like a weirdo, but my good wing man handelled it well and at least, I sacrisfy myself for an opener for my wing. The girl tried to blow me off by saying shes just listening to music and that she is not alone. I neged her: "Well, your friends are no where to be found entertaining you". A guy suddenly appear out of no where and gave me a look. I introduced myself, shaked hands to isolate my wing and the target. But he lost it -- they all had to go all of a sudden... Oh well.

Between these, I approached two of my friend's friends. I wasn't hitting on them but I was trying to open and get a social hook. Which I failed miserably. I tried the "Hey, you want to talk to me?" on one and the other "Hey, why don't you come over here and talk to me?". One said she wanted to talk to her other friend which she hadn't spoken for ages while the other one just ignored me, as if I didn't exist! WOW. Fuck that.


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