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Monday, May 08, 2006

Lesson Learnt: Be non-commital

After a lot of heartache on my failures, I figured something important. From all the stuff I read, the pre-approach is very light and non-committed! I have totally missed that part of the story!

What I tried to do is to jump in and open>fluff... Now, that was NOT what I was trying to practice. I was trying to get AI, approach invitation. Now Juggler/Johnny Savior, David DeAngelo and a whole lot of others mentioned just being playful, make a few fun things and leave! LEAVE! I didn't -- I staied! FUCK.

Now, to commit isn't such a crime but it was inappropriate because social proof was weak, it was NOT AI / pre-approach practice. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Be light, play and move on. Socialise with lots of guys! GUYS! I went straight for the girls! Aiiiiii.... Wrong Wrong Wrong.

So, I will have to do this again, that is, to AI, work on the pre-approach. Pawn more, build more social proof. Be light, do not commit. I.e., Socialise, meet people, sarge guys, pawn. There will be enough room to practice this, being congruent etc. If I can sarge guys to e-commit. That would be my first step. Sticking point #1. Remember to get girls to approach you. Don't approach or commit to them. That is for another practice.

There was this concern: A girl thinking "oh my god, maybe I shouldn't be commiting to this interaction/OMG, how can I get ride of this guy, I dont want to be stuck with him". Let it be light, or create a false time constraint.

Being fun and playful is good and all, but not everyone is playful/fun. It kills your ego if you encounter a cold one like that. Perhaps later I would have the skills to spark up the ice-queens but for now, stay away from them. So, what you have to do is to be fun and playful but keep it absolutely short and non-committed. If they respond well, like they give you a follow up comment, then commit to give them a chance to interact with you.


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