The Journey of a couple of budding Pick Up Artists

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Technique: Mini openings

This is part of a routine I do now which I designed to build social proof. The idea is that sometimes, forcing yourself into a more committed interaction isn't the best thing to do. To be safe and have a general approach, I've adopted the mini-opening. What you do is to generate a non-commital approach to a small interaction. Generally, you'd be performing a task, an excuse really, to interact, but it is purely as is -- if you let it be. What I mean is, the worse that can happen is that you've perform that task, but if you can pull off more, then, you can take it a bit further.

However, this is a MINI opening. You do your thing, say its nice meeting them, cheers and you walk. You leave on a high note. The interaction should not last more than a few exchanges. You walk and you carry on with someone else. And you do your rounds.

At some point, that's enough and you can start your real openings or re opening some old sets. You can't do too much of this because you'd end up looking like a looser jumping around foolishly. If done right, this is a much more powerful way to get people into their comfort zones and get yourself into a real interaction.

The rule here is: You initiate, guide and provide opportunities, but you never force.


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