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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Technique: The Vacuum

I tried putting vacuums on people before. And it didn't work as expected. However, I don't think it is the vacuum itself that was ineffective, but the construction of it that led to failure.

Point 1:
A vacuum is designed to make the other person uncomfortbale in avoiding the interaction with you. You conor them into submission by making them feel anxios of not answering you, kinda guilt driven. However, you must make sure that she is isolated before you put a vacuum on anyone! This is because the subject will turn to a distraction (perhaps a friend, a news paper etc) for an easy way out! It they find an easy way out. they will use it and she will win. Although she would seem a bit bitchy, but you look even more uglier!

Point 2:
Since a vacuum is designed to force a subject into an interaction. It would be nicer on your part to make it feels safe to comply. If the suject feels like the interaction will be too heavy/intense/threatening/burdening, you are not doing yourself a favour.

Point 3:
The vacuum is to direct someone into an interaction, it is not, in itself an invitation to commit. The goal is to by-pass the barriers. So, remove any sense of commitment in the vacuum and therefore the subject feels a lot more comfortable. Make it light and fun. Use SS stuff to bypass the critical factor.

Point 4:
POST VACUUM -- Since the subject is pressured to some degree into a conversation, you need to reward her for her efforts and build more trust. Otherwise, teh vacuum only makes her feel self conscious, shields up again...

Point 5:
If this succeed, you can begin to set up the social hook


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