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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Theory: Being a listener still hold

I was disappointed with the idea of being a great listener. I thought being a listener will solve all problems because you can gather information about people, being understanding and connection. The problem was: You cannot be a listener if you are not given a chance! It felt as if the listening part is in the connection bit and the earlier bit just doesn't require it.

I thought, the early game requires "performance".

Well, I am probably wrong. Simply assuming the role of a listener is NOT ENOUGH. You need the skills to be a listener. I'd argue that not only girls, but also guys are very cryptic when they first interact with you. I don't mean that they do it in a conscious level. What I mean is that people try to say something light, but whatever they say always have an undercurrent to it, a slight glimpse of their personality, their inner self. Often, I focus on the literal words too... um, literally. I need to be a better listener. What are they ACTUALLY saying? They project their personality and you need to capture that. The difference between a chump and a PUA at this point is probably whether you really GET the messages or not.

STOP DRINKING! START LISTENING! Get out of your own head!


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