The Journey of a couple of budding Pick Up Artists

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Since my last vow on being friendly and talking to everyone. Being inclusive etc. I have been putting the idea sort of into practice. There are a few things I've discovered, and a few things I've changed on the way.

First, I stopped drinking. I find drinking stuff me up badly. I loose judgement, I wanted to pee, I feel uncomfortable, uneasy, and at some stage, it ruins my confidence.

The attitude that I am just being friendly and enjoyin myself feels good. You don't feel sleesy, you have a task that is perfectly normal and neutral. It lets you be more fun, enjoy yourself more. You can be genuine in the thing you do and you project a fantastic energy. People notice it. Have a sense of self satisfaction and confidence. At the same time you respect and adores the people around you.

I think this is the right energy to harness for AI. My AI have been going well since. However, I feel like I lack structure. without structure, it is hard to follow through with events. I did not know where to lead. I will, however, work more on what I am doing, refining my energy. I am going to combine DYD's types of attractive guys with the types of seducers from the art of seductio. I will choose a primary one and add in a secondary and tertary... sort of my view of who I want to be. And then, I will refine and project that energy.

Projecting energy takes care of a lot of the AI. However there are still some technical guideline. Be at the most visible place. Be at the best vintage point. Make eye contact (Alfieing). CHARM CHARM CHARM. Make friends and talk to them. Associate with groups.

I have learnt how important positioning is. Both positioning yourself and seeing how others positioning themselves are interesting. Positioning is probably the step before approaching.

You approach when it is the right time to approach. You have to make it as natural as possible, do not intrude.

Typically, I open up 2-5 sets per night, and roughly the same for mini openings


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