The Journey of a couple of budding Pick Up Artists

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


My recent experience have given me great insights into the ways of the PUA. I like Jimmy's comment to one of my earlier posts
    "Its gotta be the easiest thing to slip back into. You get one hint of success with a chick and it's like getting a fucking virus or something. They fuck you up. The power of women dude."
You know what this demonstrates? This shows how inexperienced I am. I've asked for it for months and months, I wanted incredible connection, the ability to have the best time with women, have fun and be engaging, mutual respect - everything I wanted. It was my first success - and I danced around and freaked out like a little girl...

I can see how it works now. You need to relax and be opened. Those are the two KEY FACTORS! "Chill the fuck out man" should be my mantra. You know, any defensiveness and neediness is you being tense, being tigh up the ying-yang. You need to relax, and be opened, that is the only way you can open your perceptions. And only by opening up your perceptions that you can see how wonderful women are, and how cool it is to interact with them. You want to have the best experiences with them. Not dogma, not values imposed by society or your parents, not fear from the past, not weight down by the possible future, not hollywood big titties fantasies. Only when you are chilled that you are free - free to access that innate attraction we have towards women.

I was reading "sexual secrets for men" and they talked about this concept: Feeling wonderful emotions and intimacy is not something that comes from others, it comes from within us. A woman can spark this feeling but it is not up to them, it is up to us.

This is really profound to me, and it resonates with my recent oneitis experience. Essentially, I've met a woman who can spark my interests, my emotions and my desires to fullfill my fantasies. Those things are inside me all the time, I just don't know how to access it. When a woman catalyse my reaction to my own desires and fantasies, I glow like a madafarka.

Interestingly, the more in touch you are with your feelings (being aware), the more experience you are with intense feelings, and the more certainty you are in knowing what you want and how to get it -- IS ATTRACTIVE! This sounds like girly talk but It is what works. It is something that Don Juan's are good at. If you can do that, everything you do will show confidence, and attractiveness.

Being able to lead a woman's imagination has got to be one of the BEST thing a man can offer a woman! You've probably seen it - like all those romance novels, chick flicks, TV shows like sex and the city. They all show one thing - How much women are into that shit. It might not be so important to us, but to a woman, it is gold.


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