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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A bit of Speed Seduction

Recently, I have been subconsciously applying SS techniques. What happened was that I have been actively avoiding talking about facts, and avoid getting others to THINK. I try to get others to FEEL, I try to talk in the context of feelings, I try to put things into stories. They work decently, but what usually makes it much MUCH better is when I get them to imagine.

It is true that specific words can put people straight into trance. "If you were to use a single word to describe your most memorable moment. what would it be?". Once someone is imagining, they are gone, they are opened. You need to keep that going and amplify it. It is AMAZING! You WILL find that all her bodily signals comes out subconsciously, you can SMELL the attraction. I still get freaked out by how effective it is. And yes, you can kinda get hypnotised by their hypnotised state too. Something weird kinda happen, you start to "connect" - It is kinda like you both are not quite there, but you are much, MUCH more aware of each other in a subconscious level.

It is a combination of every techniques - assumptive commenting + SS command + focus on emotions + tell stories to convey yourself + talk in terms of your target + charming techniques. All done calibrated and timed according to tension building. Push and pull... It is so powerful, sometimes, I am fearful of it.


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