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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The down side of oneitis.

Sigh. I am fully reminded of the full dosage of what oneitis is. Before, I was very happy about it - as you do. You find someone nice, you are excited, you are mezmerised by how wonderful the other person is, you indulge in how the other person is validating you.

It is so easy to forget the horror of the other side of oneitis.

I am not kidding, it is a horror! The sick feeling inside, the emptiness, the way you feel absolute worthlessness. The fear, the disorientation. It is the worse kind of coming down of all. That is why people "love" each other, why they "cannot live without each other". It is nothing more than oneitis.

After a few days of feeling awesomeness, I am coming down from it all. It is no fun I tell you. Anyone who's been through this can testify. I remember exactly waht it is like to give your power away. To give your control away -- Your ability to depend on yourself, to enjoy what each moment's got, your cool, your lack of worry and looking forward to the future.

You get a chronic worry, jealousy. You start wondering what is she up to, why isn't she calling me etc. Does she like me? What about her ex, that guy shes talking to...

No, not again. Not again. If anything, I am afraid of that. It is fuckedup-ness to the max. I want out.

Well, its about the millionth time I've said this...


  • At 7:23 AM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    French chicks man. Giving you oneitis to the tenth level.

    Its gotta be the easiest thing to slip back into. You get one hint of success with a chick and it's like getting a fucking virus or something. They fuck you up. The power of women dude.

    Your time is coming.


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