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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Expectation and reciprocation

I discovered this idea last night when I walked home. It goes something like this:

If you have agenda, for example - you are chatting up a HB because you want to boost your ego, you are dancing with this girl because you want to sleep with her, you are being nice to a girl because you want to be her boyfriend, you are saying hi to her because you are expecting a chance to talk to you -- you are not being in the moment, you are being in your head and in the future. Your intent is full of agenda, you are not being genuine and congruent with your actions.

What is all that behaviour? AFC behaviour! How on earth could you possibly expect a girl to be in the moment with you and enjoy it? huh? In fact, you'd expect her to return the favour to you right? RIGHT?

So, don't do it! Don't be a chump. You have to be genuine, you have to live the moment, and you have demonstrate that you can do that before you can even expect someone else to reciprocate. It is unreasonable and totally stupid to expect that of someone when you are not providing that yourself.

You know what? If you can rid yourself of agenda, it will show! And you can constantly enjoy the spontaneous, advanterous and fullfilling life! Don't be a chump, get a hair cut dude.


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