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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Fabio method.

In response to Jimmy's comment, I wanted to elaborate on my way of looking at the pick up game.

The Fabio method depends on:

1/. A large social network
If you don't have it, go get it! There are many many benefits in doing that. Use groups for social proof, to get chances to meet the girls again. Think about it, you can either arrange a "date" with a girl, or you can use your network to gain access to where your target will show up. I prefer the latter, no wussiness is needed.

2/. Build an image
You don't need deep and meaningful relationships, in fact, superficial ones suffice and you want to keep it light. Its once again, a number's game. Reputation is repetition, get people to like you (charm them) and then spread it. There is no need for them to really know you. You just need them to have a good IMAGE of you. Your image and your social value will be way more effective in gaining attraction than anything else.

3/. Attract!
How do you imagine attraction? You are the magnet and others will be drawn to you! This is fundamental to attraction - Attractive people do not have to work, they just BE. How long does it take for someone to be attracted to you? Not long, perhaps 15 minutes. Attraction is easy if you know how. Also, what is more attractive? A guy who is confident and doesn't need to prove it or a guy who is trying all the time? However, attraction is only part of the answer though, whats more important is...

4/. Escalation
The PUA knows how to detect the slightest attraction and amplify it. The wuss on the other hand, kills that attraction by doing something stupid. So far, the PUSH-PULL is the best escalation method I know. Supplication kills attraction, at least in the long run. A self respectable PUA will not give his power away and will be able to get the girls to do the work. It is a misconception that a girl who won't make an effort is somehow "better". The ugliest girl can snob you just as much as an HB11. An average girl can ignore you just as much as an HB20!!!! What that sez is that she is either socially inept or shes got deep rooted issues. At this stage, you are still at a platonic level.

5/. Phase shifting
This is the transition from platonic interaction into a sexual one. We've all experienced how easy this step is if the girl is into us. And thats what you need to get her to do. It has a lot to do with escalation and making it easy for her than anything else.


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