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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fruits of labour

I have been extremely busy so I didn't have to time to explore myself much, but after some rest today, I got back into it.

We must remember that the reason we choose the path of the PUA is not only to have great sex and validation. Those are nice things, but whats more important is the journey of self discovery and improvement. This has got to be the most interesting, most intense, difficult, painful yet powerfully enlightening journey I have ever gone into in my entire life. It works your heart and brain muscles really hard. You train your mental, emotional and spirital self intensively.

It is funny how commitment to the path of the PUA forces you to get better. Time and time again, it was very painful to abide to some of the rules. At first, it was the fear of talking to strangers. I remember the anxiety, how you worry about what to say and what people might think of you. Then, it was the eye contact and kino. You'd just had to force yourself to do it. Each one of these little things push my anxiety level to the max. I hated it, and still do, but when you concour your fear at the end, the fruits of your labour is absolutly sweet. Your understand of WHY you have to do things in a certain way get you to another level of consciousness when it comes to women.

No pain, no gain. That is an eternal truth in the PU arts. David DeAngelo is right about the various stages of learning - you will resist new ideas, and you need to be beaten down by it in order to be enlightened again. To which the process cycles itself again and again. I have had enough experience to know the truth of this. We must remember that success is just around the conor of failure. The bigger the pain, the more you get out of it - you are working your heart muscles out. And what separates the Don Juans from Chumps is the strength of their hearts.


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