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Friday, July 14, 2006

Getting away with things - Field tested

Carly is always a good test subject, so I pulled my tricks on her.

Now, the idea is that if you act like an imp, you get away with all sort of shit. According to Robert Greene in the art of seduction:
    You have to be able to let go in a certain degree. Since there is nothing less natural than seeming hesitant. Remember the spirit you once had. Let it return without self consciousness. People are much more forgiving to those who go all the way. Who seem uncontrollably foolish, than the half-hearted adult with a childish streak. Remember who you were before you become so polite.

    The Imp - Impish children has a fearlessness that we adults have lost. That is because they do not see the possible consequences of their actions: How some people might be offended, or how they might physically hurt themselves in the process. Imps are blistfully uncaring, they infect you with the light hearted spirit. Such children have not had their spirit and energy scolded out of them by the need to be polite, and civil. Secretly, we envy them. We want to be naughty too! Adult imps are seductive because of how different they are from the rest of us. Breath of fresh air in a cautious world, they go full throttle as their impishness were uncontrollable and thus, natural. If you play the part, don't worry about offending people now and then, you are too lovable and eventually, they will forgive you. Just don't apologise, or look contrite - for that would break the spell. Whatever you say or do, keep a glint in your eyes to show that you do not take anything seriously.
So, I have been trying to push the limit further and further. To be safe, I look for "death warrants" - Often, they will do something to promote you, and you get one, you've got the right to pull your impishness on them. If they are offended, they started it.

I did the most offensive thing to Carly in public. First, I kicked her in her face, and then I gave her a hug, then, I keep distracting her playing pool by blowing into her exposed waist, her neck, and stroked her ass. She was offended, but it was good offendedness. It stirrs the emotions. Like Greene said: "Just keep a glint in your eyes to show that you do not take anything seriously." "You are too lovable and eventually, they will forgive you."

Well, if you think about it. This works exactly like C+F, but its not being cocky, you are being naughty. N+F anyone?


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