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Friday, July 21, 2006

I am overwhelmed with joy!

Last Friday, I number closed two girls. Today, I found out that BOTH CALLED ME and TXTED ME!!!!

Not only were they my best sarged in ages, it is the first time the number close was meaningful! This is dramatically different from before where I can get numbers and I can push a date, but they dont care about the dates. Now, since the ball is totally in their court, there is no question about interest!!!!!!!!!

Take that, non-believers! STICK IT TO THE MAN!~ yeah! WOO HOO~

Ok, I am calming down now. It is important to work out why it worked.

During our interactions last time I had no agenda - surely I had interest, I am only a man and there is no such thing as being "absolutly devoid of" intent, but my interests were channeled totally into the interaction, that boost my desire to relate, my body language to communicate, my ability to listen and demonstrate my values - I was all in the moment. I did not care about the outcome. In fact, the reason why I close was because I felt like closnig make sense, its like a good ending to a story. (refer to my earlier blog about the necessity of closing).

The fact that I did this actually made it work. It is a primer for attraction. My proposed idea worked. I walked away, I didn't care whether they will call or not, in fact, I expect them not to call and I already moved on. Thats when they will call.

It sounds so far out. well, it did sounded far out for me too. But success is right in front of me and, tell you what? I wasn't lucky, it was hundreds of dollars in pick up materials and months of experience.


  • At 2:23 AM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    Excellent! No fear of the outcome. Being able to walk away.

    Man, things are starting to make real sense.


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