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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I have been studying the Rake type of seducers again. I finally undertood it - The way to use the Oneitis!

Oneitis is essential to be the Rake. It is the primary driving force. The rake is RISK and DARKNESS. The rake shows weakness that women enjoys - it makes them feel attractive. The rake is about pure pleasure, the rake lives the moment. The rake let themselves go, surrender to his weaknesses.

We should all love women like that, to fall under their spell like that. We should be put under a different state of mind, don't fight it. What really bothers us is not how we are overwhelmed with women. We are upset because a lot of time times, what we want contradicts with what we ought to do. We are caged by the confines of society.

Remember to keep this question in your mind - What would you do if there is no society?

Oneitis is good if you extract all the good stuff from it. But you tolerate no abuse, you tolerate no insecurities from yourself. Abuse and insecurities are for dorks. Being enslaved to a woman's charms is not. And another important thing about oneitis - There are other women out there. Let yourself being overwhelmed by them too!

It is about our ability to feel. It is all within us. Like bing open, relaxed, and attracted. Everything you do have a mirroring effect on others. This is the PUA aura. This is your reality distortion field - Anyone who enters it enters YOUR WORLD, YOUR REALITY. If we have intense feelings, if we live in the moment, if we can bring out the most from others - infect others to do so.


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