The Journey of a couple of budding Pick Up Artists

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ideas all coming together

I have been running around and around in circles, testing this and testing that. And without knowing it, I have reached a point where I've undstood part of the story.

It can be summarised in four words: Assume attraction, assume rapport. Only by assuming those two things that you can comfortably execute attraction and rapport on your part, and only by demonstrating that you are attracted and have rapport that the others will mirror. Hence a self fullfilling phenomenon. Hell it is as simple as that.

Now you are going to say, well there will be times when some bitch will still reject you despite you doing that. I think thats bullshit, you've probably not fully grasp the idea or that she is a bitch anyway. Who cares about bitches, you want quality woman -- This is why Razorjack's method of knowing your values is very important. You have to act in ways that self-select out all the crap. In fact, Razorjack's method assumes attraction and rapport as well. This is completely congruent with SS, MM, Juggler and DYD. COMPLETELY. I think I've found the first magic gold coin.

This is very important because this is the dynamics of the first few moments, its all vibes, energies. This is what creates the initial impression of you. This is the determining period for you to be slotted into that particular chamber of hers. This is talking attraction baby - it all happens here, and it is the most powerful there. I think I have identified the complete first two steps of a sarge - pre-approach and initial approach - your door into that special place.

The thing that I am facing with now are things like EV (eliciting values), qualifying and disqualifying. From pure experience, this is a major challenge in the part of a sarges. This is obviously quite different from the two parts I mentioned earlier. I think in the first two parts, you project yourself and generate attraction and rapport, but here, in the other parts, you are beginnig to qualify HER and escalate her.

Note: Remember, I phrase this all in the form of "me doing something to the chicks". But in practice, it all have to be mutual, she has to feel like shes also worked, shes also sarging. Everything have to happen together, like Ki-ken-tai in kendo!


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