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Saturday, July 29, 2006

The importance of inner game

I've had an epiphany about inner game and why it is so important. People say how important it is to know who you are and what you want. I have heard of that a thousand times, have been kinda accepted it but not understand why nor the real essence of it.

The reason why inner game is important is because of several reasons

1/. Knowing what you REALLY want rather than what you THINK you want. This is important because we are influenced by society a lot, often, what we think we want is NOT what we really want, and even worse, contradictory to what we really want. We all have a lot of this, especially with regard to women.

2/. Really understanding what you want. You have to know exactly what you want or you will not pursue after anything. Things are often discouraging and you need to know what you are after to motivate yourself. You also won't make excuse for what you are because thats just the way it is.

3/. Have strong ethics, values and loyalty. You need to know that you won't act in antisocial ways before you demand anything from anyone. It should be a basis. If you are to involve anyone else, you'd need to know that what you do is not evil. Only by doing so that you can be confident and have pride. Less influenced by others judging you.

4/. Know what you have to offer. I believe you will have to be able to give before you can take. You are in a constant state of supplication if you have nothing to offer.

5/. Know your strengths. Once again, this is about knowing what you have to offer, what your values are and what others get out of you and why should anyone choose to be with you and not others.

Without knowing these things, you are lost, you will be disoriented. You need direction, you need a strong foundation. In a chaotic world out there, people are constantly trying to put you into their realities. There is a constant power struggle and if your own reality is not strong enough, you will end up being in someone else's. It is not neutral, its not like nothing happens to you if you do not act! If you choose to not do anything about it, accept that things are going to happen to you, and expect that it is likely not going to be pleasent most of the time. You are constantly meeting different people and each one of their reality is different. You don't want to keep chaning yourself to adapt to other's realities. You need others to accept you for who you are, not who you are pretending to be.

If you respect yourself, that you deserve a better life - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If you respect others that they too, deserve better, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. You are a free agent, you are not a child anymore. Take responsibility for your own destiny and do not blame anyone else for it!


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