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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Message from a dream

Last night, I had a strange dream.

In the dream, I was a fully credentialed PUA and I saw myself as a third person. The dream was not bad per se because of context or because something happened to me. But it was a horrible feeling, a revolting sensation of seeing myself like that. I did not like what I might become, yet I've traded my soul to get this power. I have committed.

I think what my dream is telling me is that I must be aware of what I am doing. I must say I have changed a lot and have given away a lot of my old self for who I am now. There sense a danger and when I woke up, I remembered an article I once read. It was about the idea of psychopaths and sociopaths sharing a lot of common traits and behaviours of managers. Now a lot of self help, management methods really guide you into behaving similarly to a psychopath or sociopath. Perhaps there is a fine line between the two, perhaps that the difference is that one affects the individual negatively (with antisocial behavaiour) or positively (with social behaviour).

I think as PUA's we have to be clear of who we are, that we are not "The Players", we have to be sure that we are not irresponsible and selfish. We are not predatory, insecure, or problematic. We have to thrive to be a positive addition in society. That is my number one goal. I can be sleeping with woman, manipulating them to fall in love with me long ago, if I choose to be a dishonorable person. I have chosen this path of the PUA precisely because I want to keep my morals and ways of life.

I think I need to do a lot more soul searching to identify these points. I need to study the traits of sociopaths and psychopaths to make sure I am not antisocial or unethical. Everything has to be brought into the conscious mind.


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