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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Misdirection: The illusion of closeness

Think about this question: How long does it take to make someone FEEL like you've known each other for ages?

We all know the answer - instantaneously.

Sometimes, we FEEL that we know a person for ages at first sight. Most times, it takes forever. Feeling like strangers makes things difficult for PUA's, your subject requires comfort and safety. They will prefer to talk to their friends over you, they will require you to jump through hoops before you are accepted, they are cold and distant, they don't know what to do, feeling awkward etc. All the nasty things that makes your sarging a nightmare. You will spend all your time dealing with those issues and no time to make a connection.

To solve this, we need to refine our approach so that strangers feels that they have known you forever the instant you meet.

Comfortable with yourself - People subconsciously mirror others. If you are uncomfortable, others mirror it.

Relaxed, chilled - Once again, people mirror you and pick up on your vibe.

Being fun and lighthearted. - This is infecteous, and it feels pleasurable

Acting like friends, relatives, families or ever lovers - If you act like that, there is a certain "auto-calibrating" going on. Mirroring principle here again.

Being warm and accomodating - This will also creates "auto-calibration"

Little island between you two - Play a little game, call each other special nick names. Always refer to an earlier incident where only both of you would know. Refer to you two as "we, us". Tell others things you two did together. Make secrets. Improvise here!

Don't remind her that you are strangers - Don't ever ask her for her details, ask her for her name, ask her about her career.

Kino - If you dare, kino, only close friends will kino each other. Dont overdo it though.

The bottom line here is that you do not want her to have to consider whether you two can be close or not. You bypass it by acting calibrated, acting close. You want her to focus her attention on something else - something like: how can I get this cool guy out with me?


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