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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Direction

The new direction (Nude-erection) to my focused work would be: "How do you sleep with a gal whom you are not so attracted to, and get away being non-commital" -- teehee.

I do believe that the right gal for me is probably 0.00001% of the population (or something shit like that). However, girls who are not "right" for me but sexy enough to have some fun time with is probably 50%. Now, there is a lot of wastage if I just throw them out the window, right? RIGHT?

I thought so.

The focus is on this - If a girl is NOT right for me, how can SHE SARGE ME so that I can't help it but to sleep with her. (I am smirking like a freakin idiot as I write this) I will be this innocent little boy being sarged by hungry hungry (no, not hippo's) HB's. Talking to Jimmy, we worked out that it is NOT that they are unattractive, it is that they do things that destroys that attractiveness. They murdered their own sexiness, killing our (us PUA's) desires to give them incredible pleasure.

Our job is then clear! It is up to us to HELP them stop c.c.c....cunt-blocking themselves. They want to be sexy, they want to have_sex_WITH_YOU! If you can do that, it is then a matter of blaming her for everything. mmmahahaha, she is the evil one. She is the manipulative one. But you forgive her, you don't judge, really. You can still be friends and you will still be *weak* under her seduction.

This is the rationale: First, you are the chooser, second, you assume attraction, third, you know what you have to offer, and that is the gift of feeling good. Forth, she has to work to reveal herself to you, her truth self, the true self that only you get to see and appreciate. Fifth, your job is to be uncontrollably attracted to her-true-self that you simply can't help but to jump her bone (as a reward for her to reveal her wonderous self to you). Sixth, she has to WORK, and she has to work UNDER YOUR RULES to get that piece of you. Lastly, she is not going to know how to do that. You will have to guide her in sarging you, you will have to make it easy for her to pick you up.



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