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Monday, July 24, 2006

New epiphany!

I don't know how to describe this concept. It is neither inner game nor technique. It is not a method, strategy, structure. It is purely an observation, so to speak. However, it is profoundly powerful.

One of the most powerful influence on a woman's attraction towards you is in itself, your attraction towards her! Now you are going to say "BUT ROSS~ I am always attracted to girls but that doesn't make them like me more!". Well, you are an idiot, and I was an idiot too. Sometimes, we've been exposed to so much bullshit that we have forgotten the basics.

Now, imagine this. If there are no photographers in the world, no media, no magazine, no books, no beauty salons, no trendy short skirts, no balances to measure your weight, no gyms and no such thing as exercise -- What kind of woman will you be attracted to?

Hmmmm... Interesting huh? Do you know what truely get you going? Do you know what kind of girl you are attracted to on a physical, spiritual and emotional level? What does it mean to us to be spiritually and emotionally attracted to other people?

I am beginning to understand some of these ideas. What is it like to be ourselves, to find ourselves again. What is it like to be able to really see someone for who they truely are, inside. Now most people will not be compatible to you, but if you have the ability to see that, recognise that, appreciated that, you will be able to be truely attracted to her.

By truely attracted to someone else, you magnitise yourself, everything you do and say will be overwhelmingly attractive. This is the ultimate form of charm, to appeal to other's vanity, self esteem. We are all human beings, we like to be attractive. But we are afraid of psychos, fraudulents, we protect ourselves from them. By being genuinely and openly attracted to someone, you are acting subliminally to show that you are safe to be with, that you can really love them for who they are. This is powerfully attractive.

In contrast, if you only see them for their shell and not their true self. It is not safe for them to be themselves, if you have agenda, it is not safe, you want something from her... If you like her because she fit in some stereotypical attractive girls, she will know it and you will be untrustworthy, you are a lesser being because you are confused as to why you are attracted to her. She will never reveal herself to you, she will grow distant. If you are protective and play safe, it shows that you have something to hide.... etc etc. I am sure you know what i mean.


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