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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New ideas

You cannot want something. The implication of wanting something is that you have to ask for it, work for it. In the context of women, if you *want* a woman, you've lost it. So, be comfortable with NOT to be wanting women.

Instead, accept that you already HAVE all the women in the world. It is not that they are undesirable by nature, they are! and they are heaps of fun. The problem is that circumstances and herself sabotaging her own desirability. And we have to realise that is the case. Those things are not really her, or isn't the entire her. It is only part of her life. But inside each and everyone of them, there is a jewel. You've got to find it, and bring it out. That jewel is available to everyone for the taking. You already have them, so to speak.

This is the attitude you need. Once you know how circumstances and her life is shielding her beautiful core of happiness, you can SEE all the dirt on her, and you won't be impressed, sort of: "yeah, shes kinda nice, but meh, issues, boring, shes too in her head, shes making it difficult for others to like her, she is too needy, shes old fashioned, bad skin (or whatever)... Not impressed." This will cure your "wanting" her for superficial traits. However, it will also destroy your attraction for her.

At first, I thought that was a problem, but then I realise how you can harness this property. You can actually use this to form a basis for you to discover the good her, the real her. You have to realise all those imperfections are not really her. You know that people are good at heart, it is just a matter of bringing that out, the deep her, the real her. In order to do that, first, you have to encourage, and create opportunities for her to reveal the side of her that YOU can treasure. This involves letting her know what your values are. Use the push-pull.

The next step is to make her sarge you. This is critical - you did not want her to begin with, she bloody seduce until you submit to it. Your "want" is her work. She works hard and she earn her price. Get it? You sarge her by making her sarge you. You want her but you kill that "want", then you get her to want you by making you want her. Um, yeah... thats right.

There is a factor in here that I couldn't quite work out. A missing piece of the puzzle - What are the mechanisms to motivate her wanting to sarge you? From experience, this is very subtle. I can create it but i do not know how and I do not understand why they do that. It could be the fullfillment of wanting to reach out into people. It could be the charm. It could be the good feeling associated with being able to reveal yourself, getting out of the normal unpleasentness of life. Like a holiday or a paradise get-away. A breath of fresh air? I don't know what it is, there might be others I can do. I don't know.

Update: I remember how it works -- It is the push-pull. The push-pull is a play with energies. Doing it right will create sexual tension. There need no reason for it, it just works. Sexual tension is a strong driving force for people to do things. Playing with energy can engage people in doing things. It is similar to pushing someone - if you push someone, they will move. Its just psychological and verbal in this case - the forces you use is tension, desire, excitment, curiosity. The result is that they will be sarging you. From then on, it becomes a self fulfilling phenomenon: She is sarging you and she must be attracted (curious, excited, sexual ltension, desire, connection) to you. If she is attracted to you, she must sarge you!

Crazy~ I know.


  • At 7:57 PM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    When you put yourself out there, and you ask her out someplace, it's a little push, right?

    OK, say that she tells you that she can't make it, because of work committments. This means that she has been held in place following that little push. She doesn't suggest an alternative plan yet.

    So what about the pull? Is it really "her turn"? Is it true that "the ball is in her court"? A guy I know (who is very successful with women) told me that the ball is NEVER in their court... you still have to make the effort again. Really? Is that true? What about "being a challenge"? Where does that fit in?

    I'm not sure how I go about it. I'm quite keen to stick to my guns and wiat for her to initiate contact. I want to see if she does make the next move. I want to be sure that she has that important basal level of attraction which makes her intrigued and makes her want to know more.

    Or maybe I think too much.

  • At 10:08 PM, Blogger Mimesis said…

    IMHO, we should always stick to our guns. What do you give away when you make effort? Thats right, you are giving your power away! He who supplicates, MASTERBATES! Never!

    So what if you don't make an effort? What? You'd loose the girl? OH NO~ Its the end of the world!

    No really...

    Sure some push and push and persist to get some poontang but a real PUA's don't. We are better mind-fucks than that, we are more versatile than that. There are more than one way, ways that doesn't require you to give away your dignity and power.

    You are right Jimmy, it is not about securing a date, securing her to say with you, to spend time together, to sleep with you, etc. It is not about securing the girl. It is about ATTRACTING the girl. Focus on attraction and she WILL DO THE WORK. You fail the attraction bit and what you have left with is... SUPPLICATION.

  • At 2:06 AM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    Thanks Rhod - you are damn right! And one thing I finally understand now is that if you TRY TOO HARD, or even if you feel like you are TRYING AT ALL, then it's over.

    Women pick up on a guy who is trying too hard - they smell it like a pirahna smells blood! Don't do it.... be cool. Ring her in a week just out of the blue (if you feel like it) but don't worry about anything. This is the big thing I am trying to get a handle on: DON'T BE WORRIED ABOUT THE OUTCOME.


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