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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oneitis is good.

This is going to be my project. As a PUA, I shall face my deepest fears and concour it! It is all about the choice of letting things get to you negatively, or allowing you to use it benefitially. Like many other things, I want to turn it around to my favour. Many of the most mind fucking things are the most powerful things (and thats why they are so mind fucking). Oneitis has got to be one of the most powerful thing ever - I know what it can do to me, and to others. I have seen it with my own eyes, how it can drive others off the edge of sanity.

The ability to master oneitis should allow me to use it at will, and to keep myself from harmful effects.

I remember watching Don Juan DeMarco - Don Juan is the greatest lover of all time, he has concoured more than a thousand women. To him, he gives each woman pleasure, and he loves each and every single one of them intensly. He is the ultimate form of the PUA - it is no coincident that PUAs at SoSauve.com call themselves DJ's (short for Don Juans).

It is clear that with my current mindframe and attitude, I cannot possibly be a Don Juan. According to Robert Greene, Don Juans are the "Rake" type of seducers, they just adore women. I must say that my desire for women is not very intense. This is partly the problem - I am beginning to realise how jaded I am. I know I am jaded before, but my severity is way beyond my imagination. I used to think DJ's are weak, they are slaves to their impulses. But who is weaker? Those who submit to their own desires, or those who submit to the fear of failure?

A true DJ know what he wants and is not afraid of going after it - I am still afraid of what I want. A true DJ acknowledges that he is in love with his women, eventhough it is sad at times, they are at peace with it and be able to move on. The truth is this - I have let myself fall in love (ok, getting into oneitis) a few times in my life - to be exact, 4 times. And you know what? Each time I do, the intensity of positive emotions grows exponantially, while the pain of the fall is reduced. This must be one of those cases where you just have to have the experience. The more experienced you are the better you are at it (i.e., getting more benefit out of it while not getting hurt after it).

I am overly excited about this oneitis because it is the firs time I feel this. It is special, but I am sure I am able to do more of that from now on. It will become a standard. I am able to see women in a new light. I think, being able to do this is special. It is one of the stregths of a PUA or DJ - That you have the experience, knowledge and skill to bring out those intense feelings from within people. It took me 28 years to understand this, better late than never.


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