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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Part of Razorjack's posts

I have been checking out Razorjack's method to update on my understand, and I've found this post
    "Ever since I found mASF and started to seriously get into the game, I’ve had a tough time feeling any sort of connection with any chick, no matter how HOT she was. I would go out to PU and pull chicks weekend after weekend and feel absolutely NOTHING for them. Last year was a record breaking year for me. I fucked more chicks in that one year then all the other years put together. For those of you who are statistic freaks, it was 40+ chicks. I don’t remember the exact number cuz I never really kept count. Fuck, I don’t even remember half of their names!

    But the whole time I felt NOTHING for these chicks, a lot of them wanted relationships and would try to snag me into an LTR, but I would just get bored or they’d turn out to be LSE/psychos and I’d leave them.

    After doing the find ‘em, fuck ‘em and forget ‘em thing I was worn out. Let me tell you boys, that shit does wear you down. I wanted to find a nice LTR/mLTR and just enjoy my life a little more. But seriously I just couldn’t connect with chicks. They would be attracted to me and connect with me, but I felt nothing for them. I was starting to accept that maybe this is the way things will always be from now on.

    But then it finally happened! I always used to meet chicks in the fuck venue. We’d get together and have sex, that’s it. So I decided to change things a bit.

    Then I met this one chick and started doing things with her. We had a great time together and connected on so many levels. It was awesome! For the first time since my LTR of 10 yrs ended, I felt something for a chick.

    Don’t worry boys, Razorjack hasn’t developed one-itis! :)

    The important thing was to figure out HOW I connected with her. For me it was all about getting away from the club scene, and seeing these chicks in a different light, in a different setting, in a different environment and getting to know them for who they are and ACCEPTING that, while doing fun things together.

    I was so happy that I FINALLY was able to do this and it felt great! And the best part?

    The best part is knowing that I can recreate this with any chick (as long as they are not LSE psychos!) because it is NOT the chick that makes me feel this way, but ME MAKING MYSELF FEEL THIS WAY! HA! What an epiphany! It’s like waking up from a coma! :)

    The medium here is connecting with chicks. Thinking beyond connecting with chicks and more about myself and my behavior, was exactly what I needed to do in order to achieve what I wanted.

    So after reading this rant of mine, what did ya boys learn?

    Well I’ll tell ya then! The lesson here is:

    1. First figure out what your goals are, what you want to achieve, where you want to go, etc.

    2. Get to know yourself, how you behave, how you do things, how you motivate yourself, how you learn, etc.

    3. Once you understand where you want to go and understand how and why you do the things you do, then change that behavior so you can get what you want!

    Solving the problems that I described above wasn’t about new routines, openers, qualifiers, affirmations, etc. It wasn’t even about PU!

    It’s beyond the medium, beyond PU!

    It was about me learning how I behave and why that was preventing me from getting what I wanted. Then I change that behavior and guess what?

    My PU problems are solved without even thinking about PU!

    So if you guys are having problems with PU, THINK BEYOND THE MEDIUM!

I think this is great stuff. I totally agree to that.


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