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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Quality woman

This is a hypothesis for what quality woman look for in men:

Quality woman have choice. They do not want chumps, they do not want jerks. They have the luxury to be picky and not settle for 2nd best. From experience, I can see the quality women tend to be attracted to more "value based" or "cerebral: type of guys, especially those who have seen it all.

At first sight, geeks fit this category. Geeks are generally more intellectual, they are more passionate and a larger proportion of them care less about being selfish. Unfortunately, geeks are no men - they are boys. They are little whiny boys with big and better toys that cost thousands. As much as they dont have problems being too vain and stupid, they are still insecure and are totally incapable socially. Now this is unattractive.

Sometimes, we think as geeks: "We have all the good stuff, why doesn't the HB's like me?" "What's with that jerk? What has he got?". But we never think "We are cry babies, we are socially less capable, we are physically weaker, we have latent insecurities, we are inexperienced, we think too much, we are less spontaneous and we are selfish in other ways, like emotionally."

It is not that girls don't like our good points, they do. I can personally testify to that. What stuffs it up is when we show an equal or even greater dosage of unpleasentness. This makes girls harder to like us. Think about it yourself, if you were to choose, that both sides have their strength and weaknesses, just that they are different, which will you choose? Its obvious isn't it.

So, don't forget your strength as a geek, use them. Package them in a way that conveys how good you are. Packaging is part of hte product these days. The "open box experience" can make a whole world of difference to your target. If you think this way, you can understand a whole lot more about attraction and where girls are coming from.


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