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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Reality distortion field

According to Robert Greene, central to seduction is the ability to influence others and to change perceptions. From months of study and practice, it appears that a magical mechanism to achieve influence and changing perceptions is mirroring.

People tend to mirror others subconsciously and can be attuned to other people subliminally. It is possible to influence them using attitudes and mindframs without the use of words. Your body language, your actions your eyes can be more hypnotic than words. Once again, similar to the word form of hypnosis, the unspoken hypnosis is more effective when you HYPNOTISE YOURSELF!

I think that a lot of the different methods of PU have a large component of this mechanism. That is why the inner game is so important. Inner game is practically hypnotising yourself, inflluencing yourself with new values. It is well known that with the right mindsets and attitudes, it will drive your actions and magically attract girls (e.g., Alpha male are attractive).

So, how do you get others to mirror you? It works similar to NLP, you start with the subtle, subliminal messages. Then, you start with the small things, and making others comfortable and safe. Then, you turn the dial up until they cannot turn back. Everyting has to make sense, transition smooth and natural.

Therefore, naturally, the first thing you need to change in others is to put them in the moment, make them comfortable and put them in a fun mood. To do that, hypnotise yourself to express those things in you. Once you do, you can interact with others that way and they will mirror you. If they mirror, you are in. They are hooked.


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