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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Yesterday I went out with Jimmy and Falcon. We were with a group of other friends too and one of the new comers, a girl, interacted with us for awhile. It was a good example of how girls will try to put you into their reality. We were laughing and she turned to us "Stop laughing, don't laugh at me!" The AFC would have tried to explain himself, try to talk to her saying something like "no, but you are nice, can I talk to you" or make some nerdy joke about it or act defensive and angry. By doing that, you've essentially gotten into her reality. She expects those things from you and she elicited those predictable responses from you. You are her puppets, her little toy... YOU ARE A DOORMAT! And what you are not? you are not a challenge, you are not interesting, you are not composed, you are not strong because you have no reality of your own - She gain no respect from you and there will be no attraction.

Is that really want we want? Is that self respect if we let her get away with that? - NO!

Now I am not saying that we should yell and abuse her for being a bitch for doing that. That would be defensive and uncool. You've got to be nonchalant and composed. You just kindly direct her into YOUR REALITY! Everything starts here, it is about how you live YOUR LIFE, not hers, not anyone else's. If you live in a girl's reality, it will probably be something like this:

- All men are the same
- Men want to get into your pants
- Men is selfish and irresponsible
- Men are all takers and disloyal
- Men are cunning and girls have to be extra careful
- Men are useless, I will get what I want out of them and then jump onto something better

Now do you want to live in that reality? If not, are you sick of just abandoning those hot poontangs because they have a shitty reality? Well, I don't want to live in that reality nor do I want to be a catholic priest! (mind you, priests probably have more sex than I do).

Let us define their reality for them. Let us show them a glimpse of the wonders of living in our reality. Most of the time they havn't even experienced what it is like, they couldn't even conceive the ideas! Now it is not their fault, some people simply havn't had the chance to be exposed to it, lack the imagination, or have been negative influenced by evil fucks.

We tend to get angry about it because girls with that shitty reality have abused us before. That people we cared about have been burnt by those attitudes before. It is no good I agree. But to fight it, to make a positive change, we have to be positive ourselves. We have to stop reacting and start thinking how can we change it, how can we make an impact? We have to demonstrate it, and use our own strategics and techniques to exert our reality. Because we like our reality, we like our attitudes, we like our ways of relating to people. And we will not live any other ways.


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