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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Timing, IOI and tension

Juggler's timing of IOI's and SOI's is related to the idea of tension. From David DeAngelo's idea of "never let the line go slack". You can see the importance of maintaining "sexual" tension by giving way when she pulls it back and pulling back when she gives way. Letting it get too loose will make you loose the tension, and too much tension will snap the rope. This can be used as a basis to decide when to IOI, when to do a "neg" type of thing. Design your push/pull action around this principle.

I am beginning to be able to see the moments and feel the energy. At first, I couldn't quite get it (probably still don't), I felt like I didn't know when to give them rewards, when to ignore them, what to say, when to say things. I didn't understand the dynamics of escalating them for specific behaviour/internal state.

The more I experimented, the more I could "get it". It is NOT the neg, it is NOT the IOI, it is not the kino -- it is NOT WHAT you do at all. It is HOW and WHEN. And this is critical to calibration. You need to be attuned to your target. I sometimes feel like this is a bit psychotic because you have to "reach in" into her psyche, you need to be able to sense her, what her intents are, what her actions are. You have to merge in with it. You have to be really slick in reading between the lines and responding to it according to it. Often, a girl is being led by her subconscious and she have no idea what she wants to do and where she wants to go consciously. It is now that you direct her, define a destination for her and provide her a way to get there. When I can do it successfully, it takes hardly any effort and you can do it almost instantaneously. Juggler is right - It is about how you handle the response, and David DeAngelo is right - You invite her into YOUR REALITY.

I think it is appropriate (if not important) to assume attraction, assume interest. There will always be an underlying interest and to bring it out, it is a matter of amplifying the slightest bit of that energy. There will always be a desire to reach out. To find a resonating soul. I believe that girls usually opens a door for you when you first met. It is a glimpse of herself, a desire to reach out to others and for others to reach into them. The thing is that whether the door stay closed or open depends on the impression you give them during the first few moments of interaction.

It is possible to send out subliminal messages to keep as much of those doors open as possible. You need to recognise interests in their part, you need to demonstrate that you are the SOLUTION to that yearning. You are the method, the way to that solution.


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