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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The advantage of knowing

The advantages of knowing about the Anti-Seducers are at least two fold.

First, Knowing exactly what it is about your target that is anti-seductive directly indicated something - that it is not you, it is them. You know for certain and have readily available model to describe their behaviour. Before I know this, there is always a hint in the back of your mind - "maybe it IS you, not them" "perhaps you really have said the wrong thing" "she doesnt like me, so something must be wrong with me". With this knowledge, you are much more confident about your actions and your being.

Second, these can act as sure indicators of what the girl is like, what you are getting yourself into. If you choose to engage them, which set of tools do you use. What types of girls do you really want and what skills do you need to train yourself up to access these girls.

This is the gateway into PUA land. Once you know, you can pick out your target in a pool of chumps and you can use those specific skillsets to get those HB's you really desire. Imagine this - if you can do this, you can create an environment where she will spark your imagination, and in turn, you are interest, stimulated and that will just take the whole sarging process to another level of excitement. How sweet will that be eh?

Lets burn that passport to AFC land, lets never "end up" with some chick. Instead, choose our own lives, the way we want it to be and to collect those HBs into our PUA land!


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