The Journey of a couple of budding Pick Up Artists

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Be full of energy

Today, I walked past the supermarket. As I walked out, I noticed a girl. Shes caught my attention and I was attracted to her instantly. WHat was it about her? her face? her tight shirt? her skin? No. It was the glow on her. The colour in her eyes, the way she carry herself, the vibrancy, the exuberance, her pose. I then proceed to look at everyone else around the place - everyone was grey, dull, lack of energy, blanked expression, slack posture, empty eyes.

There were more beautiful people around, there will more revealing dressed girls, leggier girls, more exotic girls - but she STOOD OUT from everyone else. She shone as if she had a glow. That made me thought - perhaps girls can pick this out from guys a lot more, perhaps they are attracted to that, I know I am. I want to be like that, I want that quality.


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