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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Be social!

The idea was this - from the Danielle experience, I've always lamented one thing - that I wanted to give space to the person I sarge. I didn't want to corner her, I want to see her interact with my friends. I wanted to run around and be social too, instead of sarging her full on. I wanted to do some fragmentation, I wanted her to talk to her friends about me. I wanted her to miss me, I wanted her to see me interacting with other people. To corner her, sarge her like mad is to be weak.

I envisioned the target meeting all these people (more likely less socially capable than me), having fun, but not so much fun. Having to work again to meet people, contrasting my instant rapport. I envisioned her friends asking her "hows that guy? he seems very nice and is kinda cute"... Then, on my return, with my charm and presence, the fragmentation will amplify the attraction and connection.

I think it is ineffective to do a heavy sarge in one go. You are forcing. You want to make it as subtle as possible, you want to appear as non-invasive and non-threatening as possible. Girls are smart, they can see agenda, they are insecure they worry about what happens, their safety, girls are social, they worry about what other people think of her, girls are picky, they worry whether you are psycho or dodgy. You don't want that against you.

You also want amplification, you want her to imagine and think about you herself. You want to have mini dates with her. So, consider all these in your sarging tactics.


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