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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Calibration with groups

Recently, I have been spinning my web again. The social circle I've built up previously has all gone to shit, I've learnt a lot from it and am building up new ones. It is also due a bit to luck/fate - I have been following through with a couple of contacts I've gathered earlier and it was worth it. When I collected those contacts earlier, I was less refined in my techniques but it seems that things are different now. Tonight, I've got another understanding - calibration. The process of calibration was a pretty much hit and miss thing for me before, but I can see more of how I can actually do it.

Calibration gets easier as you interact with the people more. Calibration is about adpating to the vibes of the group. Each of us have our idiosyncrasies, and sometimes we collect friends who share those idiosyncrasies with us and these pecular traits are amplified in a group. The xenophobic or ambivalent tendencies of such group contributes to - clickiness. Groups have various degree of clickiness but it is just a matter of time and persistence. If you hang in there, listen, observe, projecting a fun, good vibe, being comfortable in your own skin and is congruent.

Sometimes, you need to break them down one by one. It is easy for a group to talk about "in-jokes", "references" and gossip amongst the own group. This will really alienate you and the best you can do is to join in accationally join in on a joke or two. One thing I do is talk to one at a time, and build rapport strategically - slowly, you will gain rapport of the whole group. Once you do, you can manage a bigger group. Your energy will expand and you vibe grows - you are on a roll here. Use that energy, talk with the energy, pace, vibe. Keep the flow. Thats how I do it now.

I still think I can do better. It has to be faster, I have to direct them more. But whats for sure is, if you persist, and you hang in there, they WILL always come around. Keep the positivity up. Be vibrant and exert your exuberance. Have fun, and people will come to you.


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