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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Challenges of a PUA

This is a quote from The Art of Seduction, it is slowly being focused into my consciousness these days. I think this is the essence of a PU
    "Our personalities are often molded by how we are treated: if a parent or spouse is defensive or argumentative in dealing with us, we tend to respond the same way. Never mistake people's exterior characteristics for reality, for the character they show on the surface may be merely a reflection of the people with whom they have been most in contact, or a front disguising its own opposite. A gruff exterior may hide a person dying for warmth; a repressed, sober-looking type may actually be struggling to conceal uncontrollable emotions. That is the key to charm- feeding what has been repressed or denied."
I believe in the importance of this concept. I am unwilling to give up on people who are not in such a good state as I am. I mean, I don't want to involve myself with psychos and would rather spend time with good people. But I would also like to have the power of bringing out the most in everyone, with ease. This concept is also very important because I'd like to choose to hang out with people with the qualities I like. So by association, we amplify each other's desirable qualities. That will make our lives more successful and satisfying. :)


  • At 12:06 AM, Blogger Mimesis said…

    Addition to the post, more quotes from the Art of Seduction:

    "The world is fullof self-absorbed people. In their presence, we know that everything in our relationship with them is directed toward themselves - their insecurities, their neediness, their hunger for attnetion. That reinforces our own egocentric tendencies; we protectively close ourselves up. It is a syndrome that only make us the more helpless with Charmers. First, they don't talk much about themselves, which heightens their mystery and disguises their limitations. Second, they seem to be interested in us, and their interest is so delightfully focused that we relax and open up to them. Finally, Charmers are pleasent to be around. They have none of most people's ugly qualities - nagging, complaining, self-assertion. they seem to know what pleases. Theirs is a diffused warmth; union without sex. Inevitably, we become addicted, and dependent. And dependence is the source of hte Charmer's power.
    People who are physically beautiful, and who play on their beauty to create a sexually charged presence, have little power in the end; the bloom of youth fades, there is always someone younger and more beautiful, and in any case, people tire of beauty without social grace. But they never tire of feeling their self-worth validated. Learn the power you can wield by making the other person feel like the star. The key is to diffuse your sexual presence: create a vaguer, more beguiling sense of excitement through a generalized flirtation, a socialized sexcuality that is constant, addictive and never totally satisfied.

  • At 12:17 AM, Blogger Mimesis said…

    Time is the greatest weapon you have. Patiently keep in mind a long term goal and neither person nor army can resist you. And charm is the best way of playing for time, of widening your options in any situation Through charm, y ou can seduce your enemy into backing off, giving you the pyschological space to plot an effective counterstrategy. The key is to make other people emotional while you remain detached. They may feel grateful, happy, moved, arrogant - it doesn't matter, as long as they feel. An emotional person is a distracted person. Give them what they want, appeal to their self-interest, make them feel superior to you. When a baby was grabbed a sharp knife, do not try to grab it back; instead, stay calm, offer candy, and the baby will drop the knife to pick up the tempting morsel you offer.

  • At 12:26 AM, Blogger Mimesis said…

    There will always be difficult people for us to face - the chronically insecure, the hopelessly stubborn, the hysterical complainers. Your ability to disarm these people will prove an invaluable skill. You do have to be careful, though: if you are passive they will run all over you; if assertive, you will make their monstrous qualities worse. Seduction and charm are the most effective counterweapons. Outwardly, be gracious. Adapt to their every mood. Enter their spirit. Inwardly, calculate and wait: your surrender is a strategy, not a way of life. When the time comes, and it inevitably will, the tables will turn. Their aggression will land them in trouble, and that will put you in a position ot rescue them, regaining superiority. (You could also decide that you had had enough, and consign them to oblivion.) Your charm has prevented them from foreseeing thei or groing suspicious. A whole revolution can be enacted without a single act of violence, simply by waiting for the apple to ripen and fall.

  • At 8:19 PM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    It's difficult to master, but we need to show our full maturity and experience by NOT being affected by external stimuli.

    Allow your qualities within to show their full radiance slowly. They will come out - provided you are around the right person.

    Think about it. When you first meet someone, you may not neccesarily click (by the way, clicking with someone right away is RARE, so don't worry about it if it doesn't happen every time you meet someone new). So, if you get to know that person, and you still don't find any openness between you or you never get to a new level with them, then that's OK - you did nothing wrong, because you are a quality guy.

    Maybe they are at a different stage in life, or your personalities don't complement one another, or they have negative traits which you don't tolerate.

    But when you meet the right people, those who are true Givers, are able to empathise with others, and enjoy laughter, then 99 times out of 100 the good qualities between you will radiate outwards, and you quickly and naturally see each other in a different, newer, and more advanced light. That's cool.

    You just gotta stick to your guns. You are a quality guy with so much potential and thus deserving of great relationships with others who are also quality. You have nothing to worry about.

    Therefore, rejection and other people's bad attitudes don't bother you.

  • At 11:08 PM, Blogger Mimesis said…

    This is probably part of our homework as PUA. In order to invite those HB's into our reality. We need strong realities. One way of doing this is to hang out with more and more people with those reality.

    If you have a group of really cool, beautiful friends who share your idea of a good life, it is readily accepted. Imagine inviting a HB to your group of cool friends! Beautiful boys and girls. She will be saturated with fun, openness. She will be in YOUR REALITY. And she can contrast that to her Boring, average life.

  • At 12:00 AM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    Ha ha, well said! It's amazing how we assume that attractive women must have exciting lives, and therefore we have to find a way to "impress" them. This is completely untrue. Do you know just how many chumps, dickheads and loser guys there are out there? All my female friends tell me that there are SO MANY of them. No wonder the divorce rate is 40% and climbing, and there are more single women than ever.

    I'm really beginning to really feel what I've sorta known for years - that I am one hell of a catch, and I need to qualify HER, not the other way around.

    I just need to fine-tune my inner game a little bit, and if she turns out to be cool, then she gets to be in my awesome reality!


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