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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Conveying my personality

I can convey my personailty when I dont have to talk about myself. Once I do, once I have to talk about myself, it stalls. My life is complicated and there are endless details and philosophical... uh, things (games and porn not withstanding). I can't really tell anyone about me. I don't know what to do. I get asked about me all the time but I just don't know what to say, nor do I want to dodge the question.

I need a routine to deal with this situation. I hate talking about myself these days.


  • At 8:13 PM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    This is something Doc Love taught me.

    Women LOVE to talk. Then why don't you just shut your damn mouth and let the girl talk!

    This works in your favour for a number of reasons. First, it means you get to show her you are a good listener. Second, she's doing what she's good at: talking. And it's something she loves to do. Let her do what she loves! Third, it means she's interested in you... a sign of affection from her. Fourth, it stops you from talking so much, thus preventing you from putting your foot in it (and therefore dropping her interest level in you)!

    You just need to have the right skills to open her and get her verbal juices flowing.

  • At 1:58 AM, Blogger Mimesis said…

    I think the community overemphasise on how girls like to talk. That might be true to a certain degree but from many experimentations, it is actually quite difficult to get the girl to talk WITH YOU. And there are times when girls really don't want to talk - they just want to dance, sit back, or whatever. Then, there are those who are "social" and are talking to you in a really structural way. Some girls can't bring themselves out even with your help becuase they are so out of touch with their feelings.

    Being a good listener take you further, but if you cannot CONNECT, you are screwed. connection is key.

  • At 7:28 PM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    Once you open them up, make them feel safe with you, and get that connection, then you'll be surprised how even the quietest ones turn into a chatterbox..


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