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Monday, August 21, 2006

Doc Love and having perspectives

Jimmy was kind enough to lend the System to me the other day. I've read a few pages of it and can already see the benefits. The work I've been involved with have been very detailed, many many tiny aspects of sarging and often, in the form of specific examples. The problem with this is that you lose sight of the big picture! What exactly am I doing, where am I going with this... Doc love provides a framework to work on. I am a goal oriented person so having goals and having things layed out in a big picture makes me comfortable in taking action.

There are also lots of confusion that I had before which were clarified. What are the things that can screw you up badly. Which kind of girls are worth sarging and which type of girl will really screw you over in the long run. Again, this gives perspective and explains WHY you get that unexplainable sick feeling when you are going out with them.

I know I am not the one night stand kinda person, I know I am not the kinda person who moves on from one girl to the next every week. So I need to know this stuff.

Having persepctive is great


  • At 8:07 PM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    I can understand that horrid sick feeling now, because of David D and Doc Love. For me, it has arisen because, at some stage, I began to engage in wuss-like behaviour and needed a "Wuss Cure" (David D material). It has also arisen because the girl I was dating was not a "Flexible Giver" and some of them were "Professional Daters" (Doc Love material).

    It all comes together in the end to explain what you should have been explained to you by your Dad when you were a teenager.

  • At 3:36 AM, Blogger Mimesis said…

    It make a difference knowing the various different kind of girls you encounter. Going back in time, you can remember how most girls will fit into those categories and you wonder what's wrong? whats happening?

    You can't explain it and everyone else seems to be doing fine. Appearances can be deceiving. Doc Love is right, Macho boy begs too - he just never admits it.

    You tend to think that girls goes for the macho boy, the rich guy. You think that they ahve the power, they are attractive, but it is all an illusion. You don't know that behind the scene - what horror or tortourous crime have been inflicted.

    They look frail, they look sweet, they look beautiful. But behind that, they have thorny as hell. Its there everywhere, its all around us - we just fail to see it.


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