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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Doc Love so far

The appeal of Doc Love's stuff is that it is relationship based. The material seems to really compartmentalise marriage with dating. This is obvious, but it is the elusive obvious - We tend to use dating as a "trial period", in hope to test the girl out before the marriage. What this means is that we have marriage on the back of our heads all that time. There is an agenda. There is a neediness waiting to be unleashed.

What tends to happen, and I find that I will do it so naturally when I am in ASOC is that when I meet a girl I like, I turn into the "wife searching" mode. I will envision us being together, seeing each other's parents, having children... Perhaps at first, dating her was really for a trial period, but soon, it changes. It became a neediness to satisfy that fantasy of having a family. Its not about having an objective assessment of her worthiness. Your mind is set. What happens? You lose your self respect, dignity, confidence, control and challenge. You are a supplicator, you supplicate for that fantasy of yours.

Dating to my rational mind, is just a procedure before marriage; deep in my psyche, it has penetrated every area. Dating for me is not about just going out with someone, it is not about just spending time with someone cool and do the good things together. In fact, its not even a trial period. Dating to me is survival, will I survive in the relationship long enough before I can close the deal by marrying her? SUPPLICATING! SUPPLICATING! I AM A SUPPLICATOR AFC USELESS ARSEWIPE BULLSHIT MODAFARKER ON ATOMIC HEAT!

Now I see the light, thanks Doc Love


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