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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Field report: Friday night

I have been itching to sarge for weeks and weeks but I've managed to make enough excuses to not doing squat. Finally, I've managed to do it. The event was a friend's thesis completion celebrtion and it turned out to be a pretty good night.

I got there, found them and was immediately introduced to a few girls. There was a 3 set sitting at a corner and they are pretty good looking, 7's in my book. They were rather clicky to begin with but I persisted. The "entry girl" didn't response very well and was a bit rude in droping off the conversation to talk to another person. However, it turned out to be good as this opened an opportunity - I started to talk to that guy she was talking to, isolated her and she eventually left. When she was gone, I moved into the other two girls. (somebody mentioned this before - indian girls - they have attitude, not very nice)

They were better looking and were much nicer (phew). I opened by asking them "are you guys biologists", knowing their friend is a biologist. They replied no, and I was on a roll. "I was talking to David over there and we were wondering how many people in this group are not scientists and his bet was we are all scientists" The conversation flowed from there and I was being a sincere person wanting to know them. At first, they were talking amongst each other and have a lot of eye contacting amongst each other - an interesting observation: according to the "best friend test", good friends don't look at each other much in a conversation". While they appear to be friendly and closed off, which appears to the untrained eye as being long good friends, in reality, they don't know each other quite well. And that was the truth. So, don't be deceived by girls, they are so skilled in this.

These two girls were pretty cute, the more I talked to them, the cuter they got and they soon became a 7.5. And when I found out one was from Lebanon and the other was from Chile, they became 8's. I wanted to steer the conversation into something vaguely sexual so I asked "I heard that south americans are very religious, is that true?". Well, the natural flow was to lead them into how south american girls are so sexy and hot yet they are religious... Which I did and knowing they are drinking and smoking I knew the answer - yes they were supposed to be religious, but they are not strict followers. Its been good because they have been playing along and I am in control of the conversation. Religion is not the point of the conversation but it was a start to ideas of pleasure, and more importantly sin. I then proceed to comment: "Who wants to go to heaven anyway? They must be a boring bunch of people, hell on the other hand..." The girls lit up and they talked about all the benefits of being in hell - we all knew what was in our minds, what we were thinking - sex. For all sins, who wouldn't think about sex? The fire, the sweat, the lust. Behind the screen of other sinful pleasures that we talked about, that was a mutual aggreement of sexual interest. That was sweet - I got high fives. (at some point during the the convo. one of them winged "lets not talk about religion, it is boring". I didn't let it affect me as I know exactly where I am going and how to make it interesting. I ignored her and talk to the other girl when she said that - know the power of creating YOUR reality!).

We talked about a few things and as we talked, I find myself leaning into one of them more and more and increasingly dominating the conversation between us. I am attracted to her. And she was too. But being a PUA, jumping onto that means I am failing a test. This was something I learnt from my last encounter (Danielle): I was too focused on her and forgotten to be inclusive. So, I started turning to the other girl to get her involved. It was cool but eventually I got connected with the chilean girl again.

Another lesson I learnt before that I applied here was listening skills. These days, I pay attention to subject analysis and the results have been significant! I found that every girl will give out values, no matter how subtle or negative, or whatever. Girls (or perhaps, people) scream out for attention and have a subtle yearning for others to really appreciate them for who they are. EV (elicit values) is often simple and I quickly found out that the lebanese girls just wants to be a little girl and have fun while the other loves animals and is highly opinionated. Arming with this information, I have chosen my target (the chilean), and my approach to sarge her (appeal to her passion and to indulge her by validating her opinions).

I talked about animals, asked about their experiences and the girls lit up again, they were showing their adoration for cuteness, their sad storied about animals (which I reinforced by suggesting how animals are like people). They were imaginating, they were feeling. I got a lot out of them (information wise). And I reciprocate - I exchanged similar or contrary experiences that I had and they plaied along. It was fun - I was having fun, the girls were having fun.

Then, I felt it - the awkward feeling. Although I was still on a roll, my brain is telling me "dude, you are loosing your direction, where are you going with this". Emotions were running high and tension have been building for awhile. I can't drag on. This sucks, do something do something. Once again, I was lucky and for reasons I couldn't remember, I changed subject "Do you guys remember the time you know for sure that you really like something? Like beer, I can clearly remember the time when I first though "oh yeah~ I like beer" They thought about it for awhile and then the chilean plaied along -- "yeah, I think I do" I encouraged "You know, beer is an acquired taste". Then there was this whole exchange and I got an opportunity - temporary ejection.

I had lots of friends around that night, they asked me to dance (she saw me on the dance floor), people talking to me, hugging me, held my hand, talked intesively. I opened my friend's friends, talked to her, get them to laugh, I laughed. I had social status, I was validated by friends. She had space, freedom. She was fragmented and on my return, it felt like we were friends already.

Now the ground was laid. There was full acceptance and an unspoken recognition of mutual attraction. This is awsome. It is the first time that I solidly made it work. I hooked her socially, I established rapport/comfort and I hooked her into an "interest level". I semi-isolated her: We went onto a couch at a corner and I ended up in the "core values" doorway. This was partly because she is throwing herself out at me heaps with her values. There was still a bit of fluff and I was a little bit uncomfortable. I also found myself leaning in too much. So I tried to relax and lean back a bit. But she wasn't hooking, she was not giving me much EC. It was moving forward and then, she mentioned her boyfriend when we talked about music... Sheeze, that put her right out of frame and she wanted to get beer all of a sudden. She went off to get beer (and offered to buy me beer) and I was "hanging in there" and I ended up talking to my friends and eventually went dancing again. I probably felt like I don't want to be like a looser, hanging around to wait for her return.

When I return, she gave me a beer (it was cool, kinda like a little thing between us. I felt like shes doing some work to make that connection there). I continued to talk to my friends instead of her but then, her friend gave me an opportunity again. She came and ask her for rescue from an AFC heavily hitting on her. I jumped into action. I talked about boys and girls, how girls see guys, what do they do to get rid of guys, attraction, I tease them, say they are mean, etc. I got my friend to talk to her friend and offered him as a cock-block. I immediately followed by homing in next to her when the seat next to her was free.

This was when everything worked. I negated her boyfriend thing (she mentioned how she blow people off by talking about her boyfriend, I didn't let it affect me and I teased her on how she mentioned the BF to me. She explained herself that shes not blowing me off and I teased her how I past her test) Now, she is fulling comfortable interacting with me - I know she's got a BF, and I am cool with it, we are friends and she's comfortable. Unknowingly, that laid another foundation for more sarging.

IOI's, kino, EC all arrived. She was laughing, punching me, seeking my approval, qualifying herself to me. We talked about nipples, having babies, boys and girls, relationships, attraction. Greenlights - subconscious attraction brought into the consciousness. We were not only communicating on a deeper level, but on all levels. And then it hit me, once again - She snapped out of it and said "oh my god, I have been bitching and bitching for ages, oh my god, I have been going on non-stop! You can go away if you want to." GREENLIGHT!!!! That is a sure sign you've got her. I've got there. I was in. I was on the other side of the wall.

I finished her off, shes turning into an AFC little girl more and more and more. My kino is going more and more and more, and out laughter, our exciting energy spread and attracted others to join in. It was great! IT WAS SOLID WORK! I SARGED HER!

~~~~ ON HEAT!!~~~~

She suggested I buy her a beer, but because I was too happy and she bought me beer before I said yes and added "only because you earnt it" (she wanted coopers too :). Unfortunately, when I return she was gone, so I had to talk to my mate again. It was kinda bad because I didn't get an opportunity to talk to her for ages and its making me anxious. I was loitering around to wait for an opportunity, I made eye contact but never made the move. I was acting like an AFC.

At last, I got an opportunity but it wasn't so good, she sniffed a bit of an AFC/agenda and probably got her BF in her mind again. Whatever it was, the conversation was superficial Unknowingly, it was fragmentation at work here. I was feeling AFC... sigh. I was feeling like a total tool. And she made a comment: "Where exactly are you going?" I smells of test. I deflected it "you mean what I just said, or before?" She dodged the question and I was freaking out. On hindsight, the fragmentation is powerful, it built too much tension that awkwardness set it. We anticipated talking to each other but there are barriers. Barriers now and the conflict of her unavailable status. I waited too long, I wasn't leading and direct enough. I can feel it, you cannot drag on for too long, you have to escalate - OR YOU DIE.

I was bored by my friends all getting too drunk and I was jumping around waiting for good interaction. I felt a bit socially disproved. She was a bit like that too and anxiety sets in. I felt cold all of a sudden and I was looking for my jacket. She helped me a bit and I gave up. I felt like a tool. I felt pissed off that I pussyfooted around, I felt like shes So I've decided to SOI and close. I look her square in the eye and said seriously "I am going". She didn't know how to respond and I said "But it was very nice meeting you" She reciprocated - mutual SOI and then she hit me - she turned into AFC! She was blabing on about how I am really cool, thanking me for being interesting, it was very interesting... I was shocked! Yet I was very glad, excited and happy. Mutual SOI, the tension, the release, I can all see it. How it worked, how it was built, everything. I said "the important thing is, I want to meet you again" and we were in this silent, knowing she has a BF, yet we really like each other and one of us have to do the dirty work and once we do, we have crossed the line. I pulled my usual trick with phone numbers and she asked me to get her jacket for her. I kept up my act: I stood up and said: "Girl you are really losing your chance here" and she went "oh, my phone is here", I kept up my act: "ok, you know X and X know Y and I get to see Z who usually hang out with Y..." She pulled out her phone and said "You can give me your phone number, but you know what? you should worry more about your jacket than my phone number" - SCORED.

She still hesitated, I saw her phone with pictures of her cat, asked her about it, went through it with her in a mini-conversation. She was acting shy "anyway, I will get your number, but honestly, I am really bad, I don't call people." I gave her my number and was about to eject. Then, she hit me with it "Too bad you don't have your cell phone with you". Shit, this is SS, I immediately said "yeah, I have my phone with me" and she suggested calling me to give me her number - practically throwing the ball back at me. I looked at her and said "you little..." with a wink and a sly smile. She was all shy on me - "it was really really nice meeting you, it was really cool, you are really cool. Don't worry, I will tell my BF about it and he is cool too, you both are cool, take care, don't get robbed, or beaten up..." "Or raped." I said good bye for everyone, gave her goodbye gestures a couple of times, got my jacket and left.


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