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Monday, August 28, 2006

Flashback: May 08, 2006

I was curious about my past. I look back at my May post and man, was I inexperienced.

It is funny how I was totally disoriented. Now, it is clear that what happened then was I only had a "default value" and had no skills in interactions. OF COURSE IT WAS FUCKED!

Why? My value was low - I was not on a roll, I was not having a good, fun vibe, I was not radiating, glowing with vibrant and exuberant energy. I was not having much fun. I was not vibing. I did not have time to build that up and i did not "advertise" myself. I did not do things to create social proof, I did not get myself seen interacting and havnig fun, I was not making eye contact, I did not playfully AI other girls.

WOW, what a lot of things I didn't do that I do now. This was pre-approach work. You cannot approach unless you know you are on a roll. Those are the prerequisit for opening. Now, I know how to use those techniques to increase my value non-verbally, and more importantly, I know how much work I have to do before any interaction with the target and her immediate surroundings. I also know how to lower her value a little bit these days. This is necessary to give you room to move around - The higher your value is and the lower her value is, the easier it is for her to be attracted to you. You feel like "yes, its time to get down and dirty!"

If interest level is all that matters, you have created a good start. I had no idea how to do that back in may. I was on the right track, I wanted to learn AI and pre-approach. Perhaps I have improved on detecting buying signals, be more aware and know how to not waste time on "time wasters". Perhaps my vibing and energy is working. Whatever it is, my chances of creating high interest level in the beginning has increased dramatically. The rate of success is way higher than 50%, perhaps up to 70% sometimes. I can get 50 - 60% interest level pretty easily. Thats before any approach!

That was only part of the story and back in that time, I already knew that I need to pay more attention to the earlier part of the game. I think I am doing an OK job now, not superb, but perhaps something like 70% successful or something. After months of trial and error, wondering semi-blindedly, it is all summed up as - pre-approach DHV (Demonstration of high value).


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