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Saturday, August 12, 2006


I have forgotten about my direction.

I wanted to build a larger social network. I wanted to know more and more people, know more friends etc. I wanted to be social, I wanted to used an indirect approach -- and I was doing that.

I have forgotten about it.

I am capable of interacting with new friends and sarge them. They will like me and both the juggler method and the Art of Seduction worked really well. Now, I've figured out what it is that I am frustrated about. I am frustrated about the lack of sexual interactions.

I could be friendly, be social, and flirt, slowly eliciting physical surrender and forms the bonds of love in most girls I am interacting with. But never sexual. There is a difference, I get to touch them, peck them, medium-kino them. They say they love me, there will be sexual tension. But I want sex! I want the next level! However, they are my friends and I feel like I shouldn't do that with my friends. This is where the conflict is - If I keep doing this, I wont get sex! So I need something else.

This definitely clarify my problem right now...

1/. Meet more friends to get connection with HB9-HB10's. Continue on existing methods

2/. Get sexual experiences from other channels

3/. Cold approaches


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