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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Frustration explained, again.

I've figured it out today. This is an observation of social dynamics:

In building up a group (of friends), it is desirable to include both guys and girls for social purposes. The benefits of having guys in the group is that guys might be able to help you bring girls in, support your social status, provide opportunities to express the boyish side of you, and most importantly, you many girls don't do boyish things that is a lot of fun. (e.g., talking about women and perving at them)

There are however, things that makes it undesirable when it comes down to sarging. What I find happening is that when you have a mixture of boys and girls, not everyone has the same goal as us PUA's have. In our minds, we make it clear what sarging is and what making friends is. We might flirt, but it is practice, to get responses and genuinely get into the friendzone with them for good company. PUA understand the destructive nature of sexual energy in a group setting and will respect that limit. PUA's know that they do not have scarcity mentality so they do not corner the girl but will include everyone in for the fun - there are girls out there, don't be a dumb ass and cut wood in your own forest.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a PUA. And you don't want everyone to be a PUA. But what happens is that Chumps brings insecurities and sexual energies into the group. You ended up having guys sarging the girls in it, being posessive and this enforces other guys to "respect" their territory. Being competitive between guys etc. Now we assume that all the girls we meet are totally unware of these and are open to influence, insecurities etc, the group is going to disintegrate over time.

One thing I dislike the most is - friends hitting on each other within a group and breaking up and then seeing another friend. That is so gross, that is really incestral! Do it outside the group and I don't mind it. So, I am experiencing a bit of that in the group I gathered recently. It is frustrating. It gets you nowhere. You only feel like a looser afterwards. Sarge outside of your group and do not bring girls you sarge into the group. Sure you should include them with your friends, but do not let her into the core circle.


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