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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Having a good time

Jimmy and I went out last saturday to a party. It was heaps of fun, but whats more important is that the fun came out of us, instead of being exposed to an external fun.

Sure, the people are nice, but we were able to create some great interactions, we know how to do it. We brought life to the party and it made the entire experience pleasent!

We want to have a good time, we want to relax and not be so serious. We want to be confident and relaxed walking into future parties knowing that we can do it and wouldn't have to worry about whether it will be shit or not - because we can create it.

Who are the prices? We are! Who are special? We are! It is others who are lucky to meet us because by being with us, they will be happier, they will have more fun, they will have more connections, they will have a new way of life, they will be in a reality, OUR REALITY that is wonderful and beautiful and fun.


  • At 8:43 PM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    Yeah, RIGHT ON man!

    It's so obvious to us that we are something else... something interesting and exciting with SO much to offer.

    Seeing you at work the other night was GOLD dude. You open up channels in people that allows them to express themselves in ways they probably haven't done in months, or ever.

    Plus, we make a good team. Making contacts is important, and, you never know what can arise from bringing 2 or 3 new people into your life. It's cool, and what's more, we always know that the women in the group have female friends of their own that we will probably meet someday too. So, just because the girls we talked to were married or had BF's, it doesn't matter because the group of people were fun... And they are potential links to more fun people including HB7's, 8's or maybe that 9.


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