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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More on Doc Love

So far, Doc Love did not propose any techniques in sarging girls. In fact, it has very little to do with sarging girls and more to do with avoid doing the wrong things. Perhaps he does later. At first, it seems that Doc Love is very angry, with highly reactive negative points of view upon relationships. But bit by bit, you can see the respect and the adoration he has for a genuine, functional and good relationship.

Time and time again, you'd read about how "you cannot raise her attraction at all of her level drops below 49%, there is nothing you can do." He talks of the chances of women following up on a date etc. At first, it seems very depressing but from personal experience, there is something you can do to pump up that attraction in the beginning and how to keep it there. This is where other techniques come in handy. Doc Love seems to be a maintenance strategist. How do you keep that interest level high? What can you do, what can you avoid? What are the elements that you have to look for? What are the mistakes men generally make?

He teaches you how to read a woman, how to read yourself. Something that many other systems lack. Many other methods don't even get you into the healthy dating period, they merely mention a few attitudes towards dating. Even if there are "maintenance" ideas, its limited to very specific types of relationships. With Doc Love's material, there are more vairety, more adaptability.


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