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Sunday, August 27, 2006

My problems explained

Man, isn't it good to have material? to be resourceful? To find answers without having to think about it too much?

Here are some of the statements from Derek Vitalio's post that is sticking out like dogs balls:
    While you needed to engage her entire group of friends to establish your social value, once you have it, her friends will actually HINDER the coming Bond and Connection phase of the seduction.

    Now you need to show her that you’re not just an interesting club guy, but that you’re a REAL HUMAN BEING.
    First, SIT DOWN with her.

    Second, DROP the social value building techniques of social proofing, teasing, ignoring, balls busting, zany stories, psychological games, cocky posturing, and all that.

    You ALREADY have HIGH social value to her.  Doing more will just slow things down at best, trip things up at worst.

    The point of Bond and Connection is to show her that you’re a NORMAL guy, not just a club guy. You’re about to reveal to her a little bit of your true, inner SOUL.

This is congruent with my earlier observations where you can't be interesting for too long, that you have to SOI. I felt it, something wrong with keep playing those games you play earlier on to get high value. I failed to see the end point and the need to move into the next phase. I didn't know what the next phase is and I dont know what to do for the transition.

Definitely need investigation.


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