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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Negative energy

I've experimented with something today - I've sarged a 17 year old today. She was nice and we talked about interesting things, but the interaction was average. What happened? Well, I was in the negative frame all the time. I tried to monitor my interaction but it was out of control. I kept relating things from the negative side of things "Don't you just hate..." "I wish they are not so..." "It is so wrong when..."

I didn't know what came over me. I was protective too, I did not venture into more conversations and just fade out regularly. I made all kinds of mistakes, I spent too much time expressing myself and not listening - this makes it difficult for the other person to relate. I was being too intellectual and it confuses the other person. Whats worse - when I realised that I was doing that, I was trying to relate at an emotional level, but I inadvertly headed towards the negative side of emotions! Grrr. I wasn't matching energy levels... Nonetheless, it was a good interaction and she was sitting facing towards me etc. etc. I guess I pulled off the body language, tonality, tempo and vibing etc.

This is probabaly beacuse I didn't sleep last night. Making me think that having a good energy level is essential in a good, solid pickup.


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